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    I built my house two years ago and went with the waterfurnace envision and also elected to go with the rinnia tankless water heater with 50 gallon storage tank. Close to the house completion the inspector decided that he did not like the desuperheater technology and ordered it disconnected. The plumbers cut the piping where it goes into the wall from the storage tank enroute to the tankless water heater and the function of the desuperheater was not turned on. Everthing is still in place. My question is, Do I just have to reconnect the pipes to the storage tank and turn on the function to make this operational or could it be more complicated? Does anything need to be changed on the tankless?
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    A bit of stuff

    You'll have some controls telling the DSH circ pump when to run, but it is basically a straightforward plumbing setup.

    I wonder if the inspector, not knowing what a DSH was, was worried about a single-walled heat exchanger for potable water?
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    I think mostly he was jerk. Thanks for the help. I'll reconnect the plumbing and follow the instructions for the DSH.
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    Hold-up a moment.
    What if something caused the inspector to think it was a bad idea? Why not call and ask for his reasoning?
    What if the inspector rejected it for say a failed pressure test (indicating leak) and the plumber with egg on his face told you a fib?
    If the inspector truly is an uneducated boob, then I would ask the building department to bear the expense of restoring that plumbing. I would not restore that pipe 'til you have spoken with the inspector.
    If you do restore plumbing the most important thing is to bleed the air out before starting the pump.
    good luck,
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    you know what Joe, your right. Thanks for the advice

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