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    Hi there,
    Anyone put geothermal in a historic property? We're working towards placement on the National Register of Historic Places and are unsure as to whether we can get both the 30% federal tax credit and the historic tax credits.
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    Hi and welcome,

    We put 18 plus tons of geo in the ayerville mansion sp. On the eastern shore of Virginia. They said they had an original charter from the King. I never saw the charter, but the onsite graveyard had some very old stones. The dirtwork near the oldest part of the structure was the most problematic of the entire project. The hvac contractor we were working for handled that portion of the scope working in close with the historic powers that be. In te end all turned out well, pun intended, and it was a huge success.
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    I put geothermal into my 170 year old home last year - it works beautifully! I only wish there were rebates or credits for historic homes available to me for doing so, but there are none that I am aware of.

    Geothermal should not in any way affect listing your house on the National Register as long as it qualifies historically, no more than any other HVAC system. Being on the National Register is a nice recognition of a property's uniqueness, but it doesn't offer any protection for it. I know. I've has to fight a local museum who's misdirected Director wanted to tear the entire front off of it as part of a renovation, even though it was a listed property. Neither the National Register, which I appealed directly to several times as the head of a preservation group, nor our state organizations, nor local politicians wanted to get involved or help stop her because museums are sacred cows. It took a lawyer to stop her.

    I did take advantage of a $1000 rebate offered by my local electric company that is available to anyone installing geothermal. And, of course, the 30% tax credit.

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