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    Yeah the problem still exists with the jumper in place. The part that makes this whole situation more frustrating is the fact that i have replaced the board 2 times already with zero results. The latest fix the distributor is trying is replacing the main board for a 3rd time and also changing the I/o board also as i mentioned it has an ecm motor. Sorry for being vague in my wording--i am a newbie to this stuff---thank u for the continual input though
  2. AMI Contracting

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    While continuing to do the same thing and expect a different result is crazy, based on the information before me you need to change your board.
    That said, I'm skeptical of back to back out of box failures, so we want to do the board change differently.
    1) when you say you jumped out the switch at the board, did you? Or did you simply connect the harness leads that used to go to the pressure switch? If it's the latter, I want to change that to rule out a wiring harness problem.
    2) make sure you "ground yourself" before handling the new board- a static zap can kill these things.
    3) Do not fold, spindle or mutilate.......I mean don't bend the board. If it is held on by push pins do not bend it during installation also make sure to support it when pushing on gang plugs to avoid bends that can lead to circuit fracture on the back of the board.
    4) Replace all wires by the diagram. Don't just move them from old board to new, verify location of each by diagram (in case we transposed a few in one of these changes).
    5) verify voltage to the heat pump is within design parameters. check all connections to unit and ground. look for loose lugs in service panel and meter can. voltage spikes and drops can be a board killer.

    All of us have had forhead slappers at some point. You either have that going on or a very, very unlikely out of box failure rate.

    Oh how long are these lasting? Are they bad right away or a week or two down the road?
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    I did have the power coompany install a watch on my service but has been a while. The outcome of that test was negative. There was nothing out of the norm such as a sag, spike or so on. I am waiting on these new boards to arrive. Hopefully today but with the snow we got could be monday. I'll take your advice on installing next set of boards. I don't have a ground strap though. Can i ground myself with a piece of wire somehow? My furnace does have the push pins nut I must say that i respect these fragile little things. I am pretty careful not to bend the board too far one way or the other. As far as the wiring diagram goes---i will compare the old configuration with the schematic that is on the cover as i disassemble and reassemble. The actual harness that is on the board is a little red connector with two leads on it. I don;t question the wire connections but the distributor did have me bend the prongs on the board to tighten the connection up. When i did that i also put a very small amount of electrical grease in the connenction to possibley aid in vibration. The neat thing with all of these boards that the distributor considers to be bad is that they all act the same in every manner. This includes the original board that came from the factory. Once again i do think all the boards have a problem but i think that the problem is software issues and programming glitches. That board sees something that isn't happening. I even considered the contrl x frmr having a role or the board seeing the voltage drop of the contactor coil being energized i should say. Could there be a drop on that control ckt when the contactor drops in. Cause this thing trips high pressure immediately after the contactor drops in????? I am guessing cause i just don't know----thank u again
  4. rothy3652

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    I forgot to tell u that all boards pretty much let me know that there is still a proble almost right a way--I;ll check electrical connections too than ks
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    Joe gives good advice

    I would be looking at the sensors feeding the board information since they ,(the control boards) all seem to act the same.

    If you rule out sensor failure maybe there is too much refrigerant or some type of restriction in the refrigeration system.

    In my area, we have both 208 vac and 240 vac deploied in a random patter in my vveiw. The differant voltages have taught me to use a good meter to find out what the voltage realy is. Then make an adjustment as to which tap on the primary side of the transformer suppling cont trol voltag to use. I have seen boards looking for 24 vac and getting 19vac get confussed.
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    Yes he does as well as everyone on this forum----it has been a valuable tool for me--maybe one day i'll be able to give someone else some valuable info---right now i got a full plate with this thing--parts and pieces are getting ruled out---u say refrigeration ckt being restricted but i do not have a high pressure switch connected to the board--i have a couple others: suction pressure, cap tube on suction side going to reversing valve and another cap tube up by the coil(maybe freezstat).----But without knowing the logic in the board i'll never know if they(the other sensors) can contribute to a high pressure fault.-----thank u
  7. Mark Custis

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    The logic

    for the board may want to see that switch closed before it starts the system. by taking it off the board you guarantee a lock out. I have forgotten, did you test the switch and if so how?
  8. AMI Contracting

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    mark makes a good point.....verify line and low voltage to the board.
    without a ground strap, do anything that would normally cause a static spark before touching the board.
    I had one other thought. Are we reading the fault code right? With CM I know that there is some confusing detail to fault codes and trouble shooting. Don't recall off the top of my head but something like FP-2 which would indicate low EWT is indicated by 5 flashes while 2 flashes is a high pressure lock-out. 1 or 2 new guys have been hung up on things like that.
    So- verify the code.
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    Are you saying that the board is not only looking for a closed high pressure switch but is also comparing a resistance reading through the switch---if that is the case the jumper that i put in its place would have almost zero resistance--the jumper that is in the place of the high pressure switch that is-----i will verify voltages on this machine---can't do that till monday evening though when i can bring the fluke home from work---it is a good meter it can watch the min and max on the unit so i can see how low the voltage dips on start up and also for how long--it's better than the greenlee dmm i got here now. I never received my new boards yet---should have them tuesday i suspect--mark asked about pressures on the ref ckt--the head usually hovers from 305 to 330 which is always below normal for the unit---my ambient air coming in is usually 65 or so due to the unfinished basement the unit sits in-- i think i answered everything---oh i will also check this control voltage at this thing both during the start up and during the run but i am pretty sure it is always 24 volts or so--the xfrmr is tapped at 240volts---incoming voltage is 244 volts for the line but i do not know what that voltage dips to at start up ---hopefully it doesn't do anything but i have to look at it cause nothing else seems to make any sense. I am taking the code directly from the manual but i am pretty sure it is correct cause any other lockout the board would auto reset 3 times within 24 hours before totally locking out all operations. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks guys appreciated greatly
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    testing high pressure switch

    i forgot to say no i have not tested the switch electrically----mechanically i have blocked the coil with a tote lid and ran the head pressure up over 430 psi---the switch did stay closed---i removed the tote lid at around 430 psi at the manufacturer's request---what kind of resistance should that switch have?
  11. Mark Custis

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    If you have not....

    .....tested your are guessing.

    I treat my customer's money as if it were my money. I do not like to guess, it maybe old age. I want to know what is wrong and fix it.

    Going on a small road trip in the AM. I will take all of my stuff and test every input into the control board yada, yada, yada. I will let you know how it works out. The names may be changed to protect the uneducated from ridicule.

    With 30 plus years in the field as a diagnostician it is imparative I approach a system with an open mind. If I go pre-suposing what is wrong, then I will be correct.

    If I go acting deaf, dumb, and blind then I usually win the pinball turney.
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    yeah i'm guessing---i am asking ---distributor is out of fresh ideas--i have set out to get new ones--always keeping an open mind that someone will have a different view than the next--I've got good money in this and I want it to work right---if u r such a genius let me know I'll pay the airfare to and fro
  13. Mark Custis

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    I would be happy

    to lend a hand. I'll come look at my cost per hour. We can type here all day for free.

    I am not the Omaga. I am a professional. I have been making mistakes in the heating business for over thirty years. I measure twice or three times and cut once. I do not type here to blow up my own ego, I type to share.

    If you need help I will gladdly put boots on the job at your home.

    Air fare is not required, just gas money and time. I have a daughter and two grandboys in Cinncy, and I will not admit I know anyone around Athens.

    If I offended I am truely sorry. Joe mentioned doing the same non-fix over and over. I felt you did not hear what he said, and I got a bit over excited. Call me if I can help.

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