high hopes squashed?? BAD WATER :(

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  1. tonyinvermont

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    so the well driller showed up today and did the water test on my well water...

    first of the damn thing bubbles methane... you can on some burst of the bubbles from the overflowiing well head (yes the well head is 620 feet and flows out at about 1-2gpm) light the top of the water (the gas bubbling out).

    here is the list of water quality that they handed me

    hardness 11gpg
    iron .2ppm
    ph 8.0
    sulfur 20ppm
    tds 380 pm
    methane present

    (no pun intended)..
    most of the heat pumps state no levels of hydrogen sulfide (sulfer) permissible.
    water furnace has a sheet on they're site showing this chart.. cupernikel will work but from what i read on the whole sulfpur thing it wont...
    page 6 shows that 10-50 ppm of sulfer is ok???

    i wanted to feed my pump with the 52 water that i am getting out of this well and not have to do anything to it but what all do you guys think.

    My installer buddy says that we can just put a stainless heat exchager before the pump and close the loop to the pump? how much work and cleaning is that mean? extra money?

    the well driller thinks that we might have to put a loop inside the well and just call it a closed loop altogether.. do i have anough depth? 5-6 tons
    he says that the loss of the use of the well pump .5hp and going to a small circ for the closed loop will make up the effiency of the standing column loss?

    what to do? what to do?
    thanks you geogods!!

  2. tonyinvermont

    tonyinvermont New Member


    oh yeah .. forgot that i have been looking for heat pumps with stainless exchangers.. whats is the deal with that? only chinese brands pop up in my browser. stainless exchangers seem to be avail on the net; can one just install one of these in the new heat pump?
  3. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Vermont is not that far from me.


    Stay calm this is only a monetary disaster. The rest can be fixed, it is our job to fix it at the least possible cost.

    Lets pick it apart item at a time starting with your second post.

    I am looking at a stainless coax machine. I do not know where it is made. I would be looking at it Sunday if not for a loop leaking glycol and the Browns vs Ravens game.

    To the first post.

    Is this a true artesian well or is the gas bringing the water up?

    I am not sure if I would want to put that water through a machine that costs $5,000.00 to $7,000.00, so we will not do that.

    The two ideas you have from guys with boots on the ground are both good. First idea a water to water flat plate heat exchanger. That would work, but I would want some sort of safety to shut you down WHEN the water eats the flat plate. With the safety in place I would pipe the heat exchange for a fast DIY change out and keep a spare on board.

    My favorite concept is the closed loop in the well. It takes a lot to eat plastic, which is why we have the Pacific Ocean plastic pile. I am also intrigued with burning those bubbles. What if we caught the bubbles and used them for aux/emergency heat or DWH? The geo system would be safe from the water. We use the gas. We do not have to change heat exchangers anywhere.

    Tony, I am sorry if it sounds like I am giving you the blue sky treatment, but I guess I am. I get heat transfer and at my age I am fearless about trying new concepts. What can they do to me take away my birthday? (I copped that from Fred in CT., when we installed his new geo systems.). Let me know if I can help.

  4. tonyinvermont

    tonyinvermont New Member

    u da man

    Thanks for that reply
    makes the freiedship part of fthis site hit home its my 41 fst bday am di just had 3 manhattans at a local restraunt and now am typing this from a barnes and noble nook tablet as my wife pics up sone xmas presants for thekids !!! Thanks

    I would like to find the best way to solve this also
    Hoping w2w withilot plastic :(
    Best heat exchange possuble
    Ttys tony
  5. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I wish you a happy birthday

    I am used to working with 40ish folks helping to get their dream home.

    Drive safe or let Mrs Tony drive.

    Call or write if I can help.

  6. tonyinvermont

    tonyinvermont New Member

    thanks Mark.... Friends drove so my birthday drunkeness stayed in the back seat where it should. I have to talk to the installer/drilling co. people tommorow to get a better handle on the situation.
    do you know what kind of performace hit you take by using a exchanger before the pump?
    -talk to you soon
  7. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Not much of a hit

    on BTUH transfer. A bit more on the second pump, but it only needs to pump what the heat X and the geo unit need in flow and head.

    Send me a PM or call if the boots on the ground need a second head to look at the numbers.


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