High heating bills with double Geothermal system running. Not seeing any my savings.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Alli2834, Jan 28, 2014.

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    I like the EB-STAT-02. With RTS module you can add temperature sensors for up to 4 data points.
    How is the upstairs unit doing? Any better?
  2. Alli2834

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    The upstairs coil is still heating the air about 17-18f since you increased the refrigerant charge. However, I have used 192 Kwh in the last 24hrs. This equates to $766 for the month. I hope the thermostat helps.

    Im thinking about calculating energy usage on each geo unit. Is Kwh=((V*A)/1000)per hour?
  3. Alli2834

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    joe, did you mean RSM module?
  4. AMI Contracting

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    yes. I was thinking remote temp sensor.........(you say potato......)
  5. Alli2834

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    joe, per our email conversation i was going to use the single stage heat pump schematic, but after i looked into it more closely, the tetco unit is a two stage heat pump according to the serial number. the way the thermostat is wired in right now, y1 runs to the geo and y1 and y2 are jumpered at the geo.

    i think this was done because the fan in the air handler does not have variable speeds and wouldnt speed up in stage 2 heat, but im not sure. should i wire the ecobees as a single stage and jumper the two stages, or wire in as two stage knowing the fan wont cfm wont match the extra btus?
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    That is a toss up for me. Joe has seen the system so I will bow to his troll knowledge. ( I lived a winter in Lansing so I too, am a troll).

    I am a controlling troll. My plan is to make systems use the least fuel possible. I would set the blower to run enough for stage two. Then allow the thermostate to decide what is correct. A lower LAT but less fuel.

    The comfort level is your choice.

  7. AMI Contracting

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    With little effort you could add a relay for an extra fan speed on the air handler.
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    I have a 6000 square foot home and the outside walls are made of concrete. I have a 5 ton geo thermal unit. I have a closed system with five wells. Total cost $14,000. The cost to run the unit is between $20.00 and $40 per month. Before I put the wells in, which cost $8000, I researched putting a loop in, what I believed was PVC pipe. The loop was not coiled as in your picture, but it would have looped like an "S" with each loop being at least 10 foot from each loop forming an "S". Here in South Dakota, I can get pvc pipe put in at $1.25 a foot.

    I built the house new in 2005, and I have had no problems with geo thermal unit except I had to replace the main capacitor about 3 times. As with the PVC pipe buried 6' 6" deep the temp incoming to the house would have been about 60 degrees F and antifreeze coming from the well is also about 60 degrees.

    Another thing, you need to do is change filters at least every two months. I bought a permanent filter for $100.00, which was an "8". Filter. I believe filter start at number 1 and go to 12 or 13. The higher the number, the more pollutions the filter cleans from the air but the cost to run the geothermal also increases. The dirtier the filter, the more it costs to run the geothermal.

    The contractor that installed my Hydron geothermal unit, said 8 is the maximum filter that I can use without increased costs of electricity and wearing out and having to replace my geo thermal equipment such as the fan motor, the compressor, and other things. You also need to clean the vents on a periodic basis which will make you geothermal more efficient and your unit will run cooler. My house has two floors and I use one unit for both floors.

    I think the way they installed your geothermal is ridiculous if it is a geothermal, and not a heat pump that uses coils. My 5 ton unit cost me $4,000 12 years ago and it was the best investment I have made, since the winter can get down 33 degree F and the summers can get up to 105 degrees.

    Before I installed the geothermal unit, I called the manufacturer and ask them if they would review plan to make sure it would work.

    I you own a house without geothermal and if you have to pay to install additional ducting to move air through the house and back and forth to the geothermal unit, it is probably cheaper to put a heat exchanger in if you do the cost/benefit analysis.

    I also have a gauge that measures the high pressure the air going into unit and the air pressure after the air goes thru the condenser which looks like a radiator which can indicate if there is blockage in the handling system.

    The first thing I think you should do write a letter to manufacturer of the unit whether it is geothermal or a heat pump. And include your pictures and diagrams with the letter. I believe you have already have complete those items for the letter

    Hope you the best of luck


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