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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by bjb1313, Feb 4, 2011.

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    I have a new 3 ton ClimateMaster Tranquility 27, which replaced a 22 yr. old Water Furnace. Seems to be working fine, but electric bills are high -- $200 each for November & December. Does that seem high for a Geo or am I expecting too much. Due to the extremely cold weather in Indiana, are any other Geo owners experiencing high heating bills??. Keep thermostat @ 73 to maintain 72 which is comfortable for me. Would love to have some comments on this. thank you
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    We don't know the heatloss of your house (by the size of your heatpump it appears to be around 30-40 KBTU/h), but most people have an electric bill +/- $80 as a base load bill for the house, so $120 is for geo, which appears low to have your house heated to 73F. What is your electric bill for the shoulder season, lets say September? Remember, geo is the one of the cheapest ways to heat your house, but it is not free!
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    Well this should help you feel better, I just got my electric bill for Dec., Jan., 802.$$, my friend has a house half my size, electric heat, 1002.$$, 60 miles north of NYC.
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    Remind me to stay out of the Hudson Valley.

    ^^^...goes off to saw up Blocks O Lake Erie to trade for the 350.

    ^^^^ just home, feet are thawing.
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    I have the same exact system as you do, installed in the fall of 2010 with a closed loop with three wells each 200 feet deep. Initially the Climatemaster thermostat was not controlling the unit well at all and my estimated monthly electric bill was about $400 per month. Last winter, using oil heat, my electric bill was about $125 per month. Anyway, my installer put in a Honeywell TH8000 and I set it to less sensitive with a maximum of two cycles per hour. Although my unit has been running about 20 hours a day in stage one and two, my electric bills for December and January were a little over $300 per month. This means I am using approximately $175 per month more than last year supposedly for the geo system. Since I have eliminated $365 per month in oil at last years prices, I am saving money. Hopefully I will save more on the AC costs this summer. Also this has been a COLD winter so far.

    White Rabbit
    Salisbury, MD
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    I'm in your neck of the woods. I have a 3500 sq ft house with a 4ton waterfurnace.

    November and December (usage, bill dates of Dec and Jan) were $170 and $280 with thermostat set to 71 and 73, respectively. (we had to bump up the thermostat to address some humidity issues.)

    I'm on Duke, not sure if you're on IPL or not. I would say $200 is reasonable.

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