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    I am in north jersey and want to replace our 10 year old McQuay R22 wshp which works fine but makes a lot of noise. The system is not real GEO but connected to a cooling tower in a high rise building. I don’t have other option but stick to wshp since I am in a condo. It’s a 1200 sqft condo with a lot of windows toward east. My current system is a 3 ton. Here are the quotes I get:
    1. low end Bosch sv series 3 ton (single stage, piston compressor)
    1yr/2yr warranty
    2. WF series 3 3 ton
    15k (tax credit may not apply here)
    5yr warranty

    I heared variable speed system is quieter so I like the WF series 3, but it’s like 10k more expensive. Without listening to both it’s hard to decide but I guess this is not easy. So I come to this forum for help. My question is how much quieter a variable speeds compared to a single stage system? And are these quotes reasonable? Also can someone recommend a good installer? It seems most are in south Jersey. Thanks.

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