South Carolina Help Waterfurnace Aux Heat Issue

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by parrisjr, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. parrisjr

    parrisjr Member


    Has anyone run across this issue after installing the Symphony system?

    Aux heat shows max wattage even though it shows off. (See attached image) Breaker for aux heat is also off.


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  2. Liquorman1

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    Which part of South Carolina? 47 is mighty low EWT. I’m in Clarendon County and my EWT has never gotten below 60 this winter, not like I’ve used the heat much. Also, was AUX even installed in your system? My installer sized for cooling load, and in our area that covers heating load. Only other explanation is if you’re near the mountains in upstate where it’s slightly cooler.

    Sorry, I can’t help why the AUX would show that, just glad to see another member from my area.
  3. Neokane

    Neokane Member

    I believe there is a CT that need moved or installed differently during installation.
  4. parrisjr

    parrisjr Member

    Yes, I am in the upstate in Landrum SC.

    Yes I am suspicious of the CT for the AUX heat being installed wrong or connected to the Aurora board wrong. I have no diagram showing the installation for it to check.

    I was hoping someone on the forum could tell me how and where it is connected.
  5. SShaw

    SShaw Active Member Forum Leader

    Here is a picture of the AUX heat CT on my 7 Series with 15 kW heater. The Gray, Black, and Yellow wires run through the CT. These wires have an energy monitoring label zip tied to them, This is in the upper (blower) compartment. The wires from the CT run down to the CT1 connector on the AXB in the lower compartment. Your wiring may differ if you have a different heater kit.

  6. parrisjr

    parrisjr Member

    Thanks SShaw,

    I will check mine this weekend and report back what I find.
  7. parrisjr

    parrisjr Member


    Dealer was out last week and replaced the AXB board and that fixed the issue.

    Thanks for everyone’s response.

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