Help Replacing Climatemaster Thermostat

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Simkiss, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Simkiss

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    We currently have the original Thermostat that came with our Climatemaster system (2013). It's not smart/WiFi and it loses its date and time whenever we lose power, which is often. That part is frustrating.

    First, I'd like to end that issue but while I'm at it, I thought I'd look into getting a smart thermostat. Is there anything out there that works with these systems? I saw the iGate which seems to be a rebranded ecobee. Can I simply buy an ecobee and save the money?

    Second, I'm not sure the installer knew what they were doing, but maybe they did. Just seems like our HVAC savings have been somewhat little over the previous heat pump despite it having been an older unit from 1993.

    But first the thermostat...

  2. geoxne

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    In order to determine what thermostats are available to work with your equipment you need to know what model# Climatemaster you have. Also, what is the make and model# of the existing thermostat?

    Climatemaster makes 2 iGate thermostats. The iGate Connect (the one that only looks like an Ecobee) I believe only works with the Trilogy 45 Q-Mode. The other only works with their Digital models TE or TZ and does not connect to the Internet (although literature suggests that may be available in the future).

    If you do not have a digital model there are many WiFi capable thermostats available that can control a 3 heat stage / 2 heat stage heat pump.
  3. markrsimon

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    geoxne: What is the difference between the ATC32U01/02/03 thermostats? I'm looking to purchase a Tranquility 30 TEV049 and want to make sure all the features/settings are available.
  4. geoxne

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