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    Yet another reason to go with alcohol-based anti-freeze
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    I am driving 50 miles to buy a glycol hydrometer. To determine the glycol density in the loop. Apparently my technician doesn't have one and has never used one at my house. He puts in a "30% solution". So I guess we may very well have too much or too little glycol in the loop. I will be here when this gets done tomorrow, so what is the correct and most accuarte way to use this hydrometer in a pressurized system. Should we begin flushing the loop with just water, then test the water in the flush cart barrell with the hydrometer, then add glycol per the hydrometer chart. I want to make sure this gets done right ... this has been ridiculous. 38 % solution is what I should have correct ? I'm in Western MD, it gets real cold (last night 15 F with negative wind chills).
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    That is too bad as I am in Morgantown as I type

    and I have test strips in the motor home. Cell phone is on, but gas is no longer free.

    ^^^^goes off to design a geothermal powered motorhome. There is heat in the pavement of I-69.
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