Help! My geothermal system is not working properly!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by susanhoover, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. WF_Inc

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    We have read your comments regarding your WaterFurnace unit. Please provide your serial number and the name of your installing contractor so that we may look into your inquiry further.

    WaterFurnace International, Inc.
  2. sunnyflies

    sunnyflies Member Forum Leader

    I'm impressed!

    Good going WaterFurnace. I hope you will be able to help this poor lady with her system.
  3. susanhoover

    susanhoover New Member

    I am waiting for WaterFurnace to contact me. I will let everyone know what the resolution is- if there is one.
  4. susanhoover

    susanhoover New Member

    I would like to update everyone on my geothermal system problem. It is still not working properly. I am at my wits end.
    First I must apologize for not getting back to this forum for a month. I was giving the installer a few more chances to correct the problem. Unfortunately they are still trying to figure out what is not working and we are cold, especially on the weekends (maybe this is a clue).
    I postponed the second opinion because the original installer was coming with their owner and a technician to finally "resolve" the problem.
    They discovered that the thermostats were mysteriously "switched", and they were not calibrated correctly. (This is the second time they were switched).
    It worked for a few days and once again it got cold.
    So they cam back to discover that one of the Arzel RF receivers had died and they hooked up the two zones together until they could get a new box in.
    I told them I would rather have the thermostats hardwired because I feel that they are not getting the feedback they should to call for heat again after the temp was satisfied.
    They cam back the next week with better RF controllers for the zones- Honeywell THM532OR.
    THese are still not working and this weekend my bedroom temperature was 56 degrees. The rest of the house was 62. The thermostats were set for 69-70.

    In the mean time I have tried to get in touch with the Waterfurnace people. I haven't heard from them yet but I hope I will soon. I think they are needed to help since the installer cannot.
  5. sunnyflies

    sunnyflies Member Forum Leader

    Have you tried PMing WF? I see the rep is online as I type. Hopefully, you two can contact each other directly. Perhaps, the rep will send you a private message. I think we all would like to see this get successfully resolved. Please keep updating.
  6. NoForeignOil

    NoForeignOil New Member

    I think I would have taken that route. WF may have the ability to get your heat working before your contractor can. Or, put the real pressure on him to do so.
  7. susanhoover

    susanhoover New Member

    I PMed him a while ago and am waiting for a response.
  8. waterpirate

    waterpirate Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Let me begin by saying to all who do not know me, I am a jaded paranoid who only believes half of what I see. When WF first arrived here it smelled like forum damage control to me. I certainly hope I am wrong for Susan's sake. I hope they "do something".
    I allways seem to get the best results from the distributor of a product, they have the most to lose if a contractor stops buying or installing a product that they distribute. I often wonder if "corporate" cares.
  9. jrh

    jrh Member

    Hi Susan

    Did this happen?
  10. WF_Inc

    WF_Inc Member

    Thank you for providing us with the model and serial numbers of your equipment. We have been in contact with the installing contractor to get the service history for your equipment. Unfortunately, we have been unable to obtain the service records. Do you have copies of the service records, as we would like to review what has been done up to this point? Also, do you have the design criteria or an energy analysis, which would have been done by the installing contractor? We also noticed that you have an Arzel zoning system, have you contacted Arzel in regards to the zoning issues? If so, what did they suggest?
  11. susanhoover

    susanhoover New Member

    I have all the service records here and I can fax them to you. I can also fax you the energy analysis.
    I have not contacted Arzel because I feel this is an issue with the original install. They have also replaced most of the Arzel system except for the main control unit.
    I think it would be best if you came to see the system with your experts. I cannot understand how you can resolve the issue without seeing it first.
  12. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader


    I am not a water furnace dealer by choice.

    Stand by your guns.

    Call me if it does not work out.

    I spend large amounts of time without Internet.

    Try: 440.223.0840
  13. WF_Inc

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    We would like to review the service records to see what the contractor has already done, in order to save time. As for the energy analysis, we need to establish a base point to determine if there is an issue with the electric bills.
  14. susanhoover

    susanhoover New Member

    This is fine with me but you have not sent me your email address nor have you sent me your fax number. I have sent you my telephone number to call me but thus far I have not heard from you.
    I have all the information you need, as we have been keeping track of these on a monthly basis, before we installed the geothermal system and also after it was installed.
    If you get in touch with me by phone or email, I will arrange to get the information to you. I would like to get this problem resolved.
    BTW- The temperature in the house has been stable from Monday on. It usually goes bad from Thursday to Sunday. I will let you know if this happens again this week. It has been happening like this for the past couple of months.
  15. junni

    junni New Member

    I would like to offer any assistance that Arzel might be of help with. I would ask that you monitor the air flow in zones that are at or above their set-point. When the system is running those zones should not have any airflow at the registers. I would like to know whose RF stats you were using prior to the Honeywell replacements. Arzel does not make or provide RF stats so I was just curious who's they were. What model of Arzel zone panel do you have?


  16. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader


    I thought you would never get here. I missed the RF stat part.

    I will be getting to Ken in a day or two to discuss your stuff with tekmar's net system.

    I have offered to give Susan a hand and still have your software on my laptop.

  17. susanhoover

    susanhoover New Member

    The Arzel zone panel is PAN -HPP03 Heat PumPro 3 zone Panel. The old zone thermostats were Totaline.
    But the main thermostat was not replaced, it is still a Honeywell and is hardwired in.
    I have checked the main floor with the hardwired thermostat. When it is at temp, and the fan is set to Auto, there is still air flow. I am sure this is a big part of the problem.
    I do not get air sufficient flow in my bedroom areas when the temp is called to heat.

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