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Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by KaraS, Jan 7, 2012.

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    Hi, we have decided to replace our oil and heat pump / AC with geo. we have 4 quotes and have been working on the design for months. I need to know if we should go with vertical closed loop or horizontal. Please help me decide, i want the best system. A little background, we live in MD on 5 acres cleared land. We need a 5 ton system (split, 3 down 2 up). We have a 300 ft well already that only supplies water for outside of the home, we can convert this well and drill a second one, biggest problem being that it's 345 feet away from the house so the trenching costs back to the house have to be considered. So we have quotes for both vertical Converting our well and horizontal, but which will perform better?? I need help as I've read good and bad about both and don't know what to believe.
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    Either is the answer. They are both proven methods. It is not an engineering/operations decision so much as an economic one you need to make.

    BUT. If you are dealing with multiple contractors that confuse the issue, then go with the recommendation of the one you trust the most.

    And it sounds like you were thinking of open loop as well?

    If it helps, for closed-loop, I've only ever had one person with the property size for horizontal go vertical and that was a cosmetic decision to not chew up the landscape.
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    If Kara

    Calls waterPirate then it will be vertical.

    If I can get my hands on a trackhoe with a 48" bucket it could go horizontal. I would need to dove tail the dig with my kid getting her wisdom teeth yanked. She lives in DC and that is close to Maryland.

    I never missed those teeth, others I miss. I do not remember getting any wiser.


    The issue is as Chris says is more economic than what will work. I would send you to and read Idronics #9. Can you run a trackhoe? Can you pull zip ties?

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    Hi and welcome,

    Where in MD are youl located?
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    Thanks for the replies! We live in the Germantown area. We've had quotes for both horizontal and vertical from companies, just wasn't sure if one worked writer than the other :)
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    In quotes and proposals, there are a lot of things we think you should worry about when buying geo. Loop design is not even a close second to number one on our list.

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