Heat Extraction Calculation

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  1. bulletpro

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    Does anyone have the calculation for determining the amount of Heat Extraction from a geo system?

    I have seen an old reference to the calculation being....."T-Delta X GPM X Brine", but I have no idea how to evaluate "brine" when I have a open loop fresh water water source.

    I am trying to evaluate the efficiency of my system and could use this calculation as a part of the toolbox.

  2. urthbuoy

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    Brine = 500 for water
  3. bulletpro

    bulletpro New Member

    thanks. Much appreciated.
  4. pjssailor

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    Thank you both. Just getting ready to look for that
  5. engineer

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    500 is a constant arrived at as follows:

    60 minute per hour X 8.333 Lbs per gallon X 1 btu per Lb per deg F

    The 500 changes a bit for loop fluids other than pure water, because the "sub constants" of 8.333 lb per gallon and 1 btu/lb-degF don't hold for other mixtures.

    All hours have 60 minutes, excepting the one at the end of which I've promised myself a beer.

    Hope that helps

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