Quebec Heat exchanger for cooling without compressor

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Boris Lamontagne, May 30, 2020.

  1. Boris Lamontagne

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    My compressor (WF) has been failing too often. I had to replace the compressor 3-4 times over 15 years. Moreover over rather long winter periods without compressor, I did not notice much difference on my electricity bill. My open water circuit has water at 15 degC (59F) and below during summer; would it be sufficiently low to pass through the heat exchanger directly for air conditioning (24deg C(75F), or mainly removing extra humidity, Quebec , Canada) ? Did someone try it out ? (of course it will not be used anymore with any compressor).


  2. SShaw

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    If your compressor failed that often, I would think there is some issue with your installation causing these failures.

    The fact your electric bill did not change much without your compressor doesn't mean much unless you include the amount of your bill, and your cost per kwh. Geo could cost under $50 per month for heating, so if your bill was hundreds of dollars from other appliances, or from using electric heat, then you'd expect the compressor impact to be negligible.

    If cooling were as simple as running 15C water through a small heat exchanger, then everyone would be doing it, so no it won't work.

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