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    Replacing 25 year old York heat pump and looking at geothermal. Have a quote for 3-ton climatemaster w/ copper heat exchanger for close loop, EER up to 29, 2 stage compressor. My house has hot and cold spots, 1750 sq. ft. post and beam. Also install york/rheem (43000 btu) blower/coil section w/ 1600 CFM blower and 15KWs of back-up heating. Quote calls for 3 (3/4 by 200' vertical u-bend geo-loops drilled and grouted per state regulations) brought to home with a set 1-1/4 supply and return lines and connect to geothermal pump packs and purge with 20% antifreeze solution. Will also install honeywell 3 stage heat, 2 stage cool thermostat and hi return at top of stairs and run return ductwork into each 2nd floor bedroom with return air grills. Price quoted seems fair at $14,500. Any suggestions on what I need to ask contractor. Thanks for all your help
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    Hi and welcome,
    The drilling, install,purging,antifreeze, and pump pack install, should cost 1,500.00 per ton:D. If you are being quoted more, give me a call or drop me a line.

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