Virginia Has anyone had a problem getting installers to remove shipping bolts.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by tommytx, Jul 26, 2018.

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    Is it just my bad luck that i have had 3 geo heat pumps two Trane and one Bosch installed and each time i had to call for them to come back and remove the shipping bolts from the compressor..And it seems like they never heard of shipping bolts.. so just wondering how many folks out there are running the system with a compressor securely bolted to the chasis.. as in most cases the vibration is not enough to alert you.. but you can be sure its enough to aggravate the compressor and reduce its life by a few years.. But what the heck what is a few years when they may run 15 to 30 years anyway....
    Recommend you pull the compressor cover when you are laying around with nothing to do. (geo or air) and give the compressor a tug and see if it shimmy's around freely when you release it or simply sits there like a not on a a log.. then smartly remove the shipping bolts... be careful now.. not to remove the wrong bolts and the compressor falls out..
    Better yet to have some fun when your new unit is in place and purring like a kitten ask your hvac guy if he removed the shipping bolts from the compressor and watch the blank stare on his face... or worse yet when he says "Of course" and may be lying in his teeth... be sure to keep the manual as its yours and look up the step where it says " Warning ... be sure to remove this shipping bolt before starting the compressor.. most have a red tag attached to the machine with that exact warning.... so how can they miss it .. who knows but my guess is that since it happened to me on all 3 of my geo.. I have reason to suspect that its happening to a lot of us..
    By the way if anyone here is an avid shipping bolt remover.. and has any idea where i can find a pix of the shipping bolts in a Bosch ESO35 pls send me the url to that PDF.. I did find a Bosch video on the ESO25 a one ton that pointed out the shipping bolts but it was not clear which bolts in front of the compressor they removed... but I know they are still in place as when i grab and shove the compressor it does not move one iota.... Thanks in advance if you know where that little sucker is (shipping bolt)
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    I've never heard of it. If that was the case, wouldn't refrigerators and such come with shipping bolts?
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    Read the manual. Most if not all geothermal units have shipping bolts or something equivalent on the compressor mounts.
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    OF course any mfg worth is salt would install shipping bolts to lock the compressor down.. solid during shipping.. course many are not concerned.. and don't ..
    I did find a video of this model and they show quickly where the shipping bolts are but its not very clear... it says in front of the compressor... but yes i am sure many of the more expensive refirgerators have shipping bolts.. but probably most don't but All Water to air HVAC compressors have them it just appears the techs are not awae of this even with big red warning tag on the door that says .."WARNING! Be sure to remove the shipping bolts before starting the compressor..." heck incompetence is abound in most areas... not just the HVAC area.. LOL.
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    Wow take a look here many including your fridge and freezer come with shipping bolts.. so maybe you should check most likely yours are still in place as most folks have never even heard of such a thing.. it wont keep your system from working but will reduce its life somewhat.. and can cause vibration to be louder than you expected...
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    Here is a real funny... customer says he is getting a loud vibration from his attic install.. and they recommended he check to see if the shipping bolts have been remove.. good call..

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