Ground loop or Pond loop

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    There is no answer to this question as there are lots of variables that can affect the out come.
    Either system can be made more efficient than the other, by adding more loop or making the pond deeper or making the trenches deeper.

    What is true in New York will not be true in Florida.

    So I will say it....We don't know :D:D
  2. Blake Clark

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    I agree - too many variables, no single answer. I know an install in the Oregon Cascades using a closed loop 1000 foot vertical borehole. EWT is 190 degrees year round.... makes for a pretty lousy air conditioning loop :D
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    No, I meant water/soil close to the loop, since that is he one which matters most. But I said loop in the examples. :eek:
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    I don't mean to get testy either, but try to answer these questions............

    Does this shirt match my pants?
    How far can I drive with the gas I have in my truck?
    How much does a new car cost?

    Answer these questions and I'll answer yours?........I don't know is a valid answer.....(in fact it's the only possible answer unless you have more info......right?)

    Now if you asked vertical or horizontal loop in Las Vegas, everyone would say vertical, and not because it always offers most BTU/KWH As it could very well offer more heating BTUs/KWH (in certain circumstances) but stink at cooling. A pond loop might be okay, but where do we get the pond?
    If you asked vertical or horizontal in mid MI we would say horizontal (even though verticals might offer the most btus/kwh) as performance is similar, electricity is cheap and verticals cost almost twice as much to install........,.unless of course the job is on a small lot in which case we might have to go vertical.
    Pond loops.....great, Oh but the pond is 1,000 feet from your house? Well you use less pump energy (therefore get more btu/kwh) in a horizontal field next to your house.

    What if I have an artesian well with 6 GPM flow and a 3 ton heat pump? Well that certainly would be the most BTUs/kwh, but what is the water quality?

    If you want answers to questions, you need to ask those that can be answered. You may also have to define parameters and answer follow up questions......

    Just sayin'

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