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    A friend of mine lives in the Chicago area and is having a ground loop system installed. They are running the loops around 15' from her water well head. All the loops appeared to be 5-6' deep and 500' loops. 3 of them. The 1-1/4" lines going out to the manifolds are insulated with armaflex until about 15' from the well-head. She is told it will be fine, but I am worried. I've heard of these systems freezing up a great deal of ground. Any thoughts?
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    So long as the loops are large enough for the heating load, the system will be fine. Without knowing the heating load, it's impossible to determine weather 500 or 5000 feet of pipe in the ground it enough for the system load. If the house's heating load is too big for the ground loop, it will extract too much heat from the ground and cause ground freeze.
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    15' is enough distance to not be an issue on a residential system - whether or not the ground loop is sufficient.

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