geyser heat pump question?

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    Does anyone use a Gyser heat pump with a regular heat pump for their house heat? I was wondering how it heats your water? Do you have enouph hot water? We are going to get a climate master heat pump for our house. Im thinking a gyser heat pump for our hot water. Im wondering if its going to pull alot of heat out to work and cool the room even more? Were thinking of doing a 80 gal hot water tank with it but I dont know if an on demand tankless water heater would be better (cost wise) Thoughts? thanks in advance.
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    I have one. It works well in Florida, though has lately become more noisy, is presently flashing a quick-four error code, and has required a couple hard reboots.

    North of I-40 or thereabouts the economics of operation (of any HPWH) need to be carefully considered since much of the year it will extract heat from its surroundings which may need to be made up by other means...essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul.
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    k, that helps

    I was curious cuz were doing geothermal heat thru out the house and i was curious if it was going to suck all the heat it puts in the room.
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    Source of heat is immaterial to decision support for installing an HPWH.

    If the HPWH is in a conditioned room in a home in a heating dominated climate, then you'll sometimes pay twice for hot water energy.

    That said, the heat transferred by an HPWH to heat water isn't all that much, and an HPWH can provide useful cooling and dehumidification to basements much of the year even in cold climates.
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    Is that a question?

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