Getting to ZNE (zero net energy) by 2020 Without Fossil Fuels

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    CaliforniaGeo is pleased to introduce Getting to Zero Net Energy (ZNE) by 2020 Without Fossil Fuels; the second in a series of 90 minute educational, fact-based and marketing-free geo heat pump webinars.

    California faces the nation's toughest residential and commercial building standards for energy efficiency and atmospheric carbon reduction with the shortest compliance timeline. All residential housing must be ZNE by 2020. You can see why a REAL Zero Net Energy technology is necessary.

    While some are satisfied with just zero net electricity used for a building site, CaliforniaGeo is not. Our vision of ZNE is that all thermal and electric energy produced or used at the building site is derived from the sky or the earth (without combustion). We show you how geo heat pumps can be the backbone of your building's HVAC and DHW needs without an on-site contribution to climate change. Why not choose an emission-free path for your ZNE building?

    Geo heat pumps can and should be a large part of the ZNE effort in every state and climate. Not convinced? According to the 2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report, the California Energy Commission has concluded geo heat pumps are a viable energy efficiency strategy,

    "The Energy Commission supports the proper design and installation of geothermal heat pump technologies as a strategy for meeting California’s energy efficiency goals.”

    Is this webinar right for you?
    • Have you been told that ZNE means only that there's no net annual electricity needed?
    • Has your design team concluded that providing all building energy from on-site resources is impossible?
    • Do you think geo heat pump technologies don't provide “renewable energy”?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, this hard hitting ZNE webinar is a must attend, and at just $75.00, it's a great deal. Seats are limited so register today to avoid missing this important opportunity to take part in California's, and for that matter, the national effort to convert our built environment to ZNE without carbon.

    Presenter: Paul Bony is an EPA/DOE award winning pioneer who brought the first U.S. utility on-bill financing to a rural electric cooperative that installed geothermal heat pump ground loops in 1986 (Plumas-Sierra REC in Portola, CA).

    Paul has 29 years within the energy field; working both for utilities and the private sector. The load shedding nature of GHPs are familiar to Paul, because he served on the EPRI Demand-Side Management Task Force while at Sierra Pacific Power. He’s appeared before public utility commissions and has led efforts in residential energy conservation, photovoltaics, solar water heating and water conservation; all of which involved outreach and marketing campaigns to consumers. Those campaigns were featured in multiple business publications and newspapers, and led to awards and greater recognition by the Energy Star branch of DOE.

    The original EGIA model for the “Home Energy Makeover” was developed by Paul while he served the Delta-Montrose Electric Association of Colorado. He is a sought-after speaker and is currently employed by ClimateMaster as their Director of Residential Market Development and Western Region Sales.

    Moderator: Sean Dillon, WaterFurnace International, Director of Dealer Sales, will be your moderator.

    This webinar is made possible through WebEx sponsorship byWaterFurnace International.

    Register today!

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