Geothermal with a log house

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Reddart67, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. Reddart67

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    I was wondering if anyone here has a log home with geothermal. I’m in the process of buying a log home here (upstate NY). From what I read, log home’s insulation rating is lower than a conventional built house, but they have a lot more thermal mass. Just wondering how this might work with geothermal. The house is currently oil/forced air heated and no central AC. If the furnace is getting near the end of its life, it might make sense to convert to geothermal while there are still good incentives available.
  2. ChrisJ

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    No reason it can’t work. Just need a good heat loss/gain analysis.

    Sometimes the oil use history can be used for heat loss calc.
  3. waterpirate

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    I put closed loops in a new log home 14 years ago in MD. Client is very happy.
  4. docjenser

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    Works as good as other houses. Indeed one can get a good idea about the amount of heat your house from the previous oil consumption. Get those records. Happy to help if you feed some information.

    Aztech geothermal should be a good company to contact for an estimate in your neck of the woods.

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