Geothermal target market?

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Who is more likely to contact you about a geothermal estimate from your advertising?

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  1. Upper class affluent male

    7 vote(s)
  2. Middle aged mom

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  1. dvroblesky

    dvroblesky New Member

    I am looking at doing some advertising and trying to choose between a station that caters more towards upper class males and another one that caters to women. Does anyone know of any geothermal market research that shows the target market for residential geothermal installations?

    Thanks for your input,
  2. sunnyflies

    sunnyflies Member Forum Leader

    What a funny question :confused: Would the stations advertise Gucci, Bentleys and Rolexes to men? Spas, Leboutin shoes and Berkin bags to women? I've never heard of either type, but would love to tune in...
  3. dvroblesky

    dvroblesky New Member

    Haha, one of the stations is a talk radio that has about a 70% listener pool of affluent males, while the other station has about 70% of their listeners tagged as middle aged moms. It seems like the wives often end up making the final decision on the geo buying decision, but the affluent males might be better at getting in the door with. I don't know
  4. geome

    geome Member Forum Leader

    You might be able to set up this thread as a poll if you want. I never set one up, but I recently read that it is an option.

    Since the main decision rested with me on our system, I'll vote with the guys!

    I would think the pros here could give you a ballpark percentage on how much they deal with men vs women.
  5. dvroblesky

    dvroblesky New Member

    Thanks for the advice geome, I placed a poll at the top of the thread.
  6. geome

    geome Member Forum Leader

    Sure. Oops - subtract 1 off of the guys for my response. I answered before I realized you just wanted pros to respond. At least we know the poll works!
  7. Forum Admin

    Forum Admin Administrator Staff Member Forum Leader

    Yes it does, glad to see it utilized by a member. Looks like a perfect use of the Poll feature
  8. waterpirate

    waterpirate Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    We have had great results pushing education and information that helps the consumer make sense of designs and proposals. This aproach is non specific in regard to gender and has worked for us, however we spend a lot more time with the fairer sex explaining the nuts and bolts so they understand, and our closing rate is in the high 90's with that group. The males of the consumer group tend to take your word for it, or bluff their way through???
  9. dvroblesky

    dvroblesky New Member

    Geome, it doesn't matter to me whether it is from a homeowner or pro :) As a homeowner who made a decision on the system, you have 1st hand knowledge.
  10. sunnyflies

    sunnyflies Member Forum Leader

    I'm a middle age mom and I made the decision, if that is of any help. My husband had been against it because of the upfront costs. Now because of the comfort, he's a convert. No oil bills since the system started up certainly helped, but it was the comfort and quiet that won him over.
  11. dvroblesky

    dvroblesky New Member

    Thanks for the input. It seems like there's a pretty even split right now between the two customer groups, so hopefully some more people will provide their insight so we can see which way is more effective.
  12. AMI Contracting

    AMI Contracting A nice Van Morrison song Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Our primary advertising is internet.
    I guess I don't have a feel for who (male or female) would be the typical shopper.
    We've had widows and bachelors buy.
    I don't think we have gender specific presentations.
  13. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    If it helps

    I do not advertize, but I have never made a sale to the man in the household. She always buys not him.

    He likes the guy stuff like why and how it works.

    Always look at where the check book lives, if he asks her for the checkbook, he is not buying, she is.
  14. waterpirate

    waterpirate Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

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  15. Looby

    Looby Member Forum Leader


    Forum readers: > 200

    Poll responses: 11

    Margin of error: 29%

    ...just sayin'

  16. dvroblesky

    dvroblesky New Member

    Yeah, I was hoping for something a little more concise in one direction or another, but I appreciate everybody's input.
  17. engineer

    engineer Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I don't favor mass media ads for geo - it is still a niche product.

    My gut suggests more surgical strikes. Look into advertising in homeowner association newsletters in subdivisions suitable for geo retrofits. If a subdivision is 10-15 years old, chances are good some or all of the original ASHPs are on their last legs - folks looking at a system replacement are ripe for an upgrade.

    I'm about to donate a home deep energy audit to a local school to auction off as part of a fundraiser. The audit will take 2-3 hours and the report at least as much, but my idea is to get the word out amongst a demographic both able and likely to spend on this stuff.
  18. geome

    geome Member Forum Leader

    FWIW as a place to advertise, there is a monthly Water Furnace ad in our electric Co-Operative Living magazine.
  19. dvroblesky

    dvroblesky New Member

    This is interesting, looks like a pretty even poll

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