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    Hello All,

    I have been monitoring my system run time thru my ecobee thermostat for a while now. Over the last 3 days the temperature has been around the zero mark and I have noticed the following pattern:

    On Dec 11, the system operated in stage one for the entire day. See image on link below.


    On Dec 12, the system operates in stage one for most on the day then switches to stage one/two.


    On Dec 13, the system now only operates in stage one and two for the day so far.


    Since the temperature has stayed constant for the last three days, what would have cause this?

    Historically the system has rarely gone into stage two operation even with lower temperatures.

    Attached is my run time data from Nov 11 to Dec 12

    Thank you for your reply.

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  2. nc73

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    Hard to tell if you don’t take measurements and post them. Sounds like it’s working as intended to me.
  3. Stickman

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    If I'm interpreting your ecobee pictures correctly, it looks like it went to stage 2 on the 12th, shut down for about four hours, now each time it cycles on it stays in stage 1 for a brief period then upstages to 2. My internet guess is that something is calling for stage 2 to come on (thermostat). The even spacing of your cycles on 12/13 with larger off periods looks like the result of some typical thermostat settings gone awry. In the past when it has gone to stage 2, has it downstaged to 1 or shut off like it's doing now? Have you tried power cycling your heat pump?

    Just a homeowner here...
  4. docjenser

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    The system goes into stage 2 right after stage 1. Either incorrect wiring or incorrect thermostat programming. Likely the latter.

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