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    I received quotes on a ClimateMaster Tranquility 30 Geothermal unit for $18,746.20 before the 30% tax rebate. I also was quoted $1,500 more if I wanted to install a new Trane 95 AFUE gas furnace as backup instead of heat strips. Should I go with the heat strips or the NG furnace? I live in Lancaster, PA. I have a 3,000 sq ft home. I currently have an 11 yr old NG furnace and a 21 yr old AC unit.

    I could also get a new Carrier Infinity 21 unit for AC with a Carrier NG furnace for $10,100, but it comes with a $1,100 Carrier rebate for a total of $9,000.

    Should I go with the Geothermal unit? How long would it take to recoup the extra cost? I currently average between $220-$230/mo. total for electricity & NG. Thank you for any help you can give me!

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    All you need to do is forecast what will happen to natural gas and electricity prices over the next 30 years.

    My vote would be for geo, but I am partial. I would also stick with the elec. heat strips.
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    Have you taken into account all the costs of the Geo system? Your $18k number seems amazing after what I've been coming up with in my area.

    I just received a quote today for a 4 ton Tranquility 30 with 4-zone Honeywell zoning, new supply and returns, Honeywell humidifier, and the associated drilling for a vertical closed loop and it came in at $38,000 before any rebates or tax incentives.

    Once you get private messaging privileges on here (I think you need 3 posts) would you mind sending me the name of your installer? I'm not that far from Lancaster.
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    There are lot's of considerations. your contractor should be able to map out savings for you- info required is heat load, cooling load, set points, number of occupants in the home, utility costs etc......
    I just recommended split systems to someone who will save 200Kgal/yr in pumping (open loop) save money on purchase price and save on electrical infrastructure. As an added bonus it won't take a tow-behind generator to keep the house warm if power fails. It even cost less to run than a system designed for 100% of the load.
    Factors that determine split vs pkg geo are fuels available and their costs.
    good luck,

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