Geothermal In Action for Residential and Light Commercial Applications (27 Jun 2013)

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    The goGeoNow Seminar Series travels to northwest Denver to give you a look at the application of geothermal heating and cooling for the Fairway Villas Clubhouse in the Oakwood Homes development at Green Valley Ranch near Denver International Airport. The development features energy efficient homes and a clubhouse that will utilize a 27 ton pond loop for heating, cooling, domestic hot water, pool heating and auxiliary snowmelt. A complimentary lunch will be provided, sponsored by WaterFurnace.
    The Fairway Villas Clubhouse represents a major step forward in reducing energy use and environmental impact in light commercial structures, while demonstrating that green technology is good for business and the client. Geothermal heat pumps provide heating, cooling, domestic hot water and pool/spa heating for the entire building. This unique application uses thermal resources in a nearby pond on the Fairway Villas golf course to deliver the ultimate comfort at a low cost to the clubhouse members.
    This lunch and learn seminar will provide a unique “see and feel” on-site learning experience which addresses misperceptions, payback and performance considerations of geothermal heat pumps in this residential and commercial applications. You will be able to tour the mechanical rooms and see how the system was constructed and installed. As a result, you will better understand the design considerations, constraints and opportunities Oakwood Homes faced implementing these high performance systems and the competitive advantage geothermal heating and cooling offers to developers and builders.
    Your Instructor: Al Wallace, Energy Environmental Corporation, Centennial, Colorado


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