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    Backstory: Purchased a home in the past year that has ~30 year old 2 zone propane furnace and a/c system. A/c is on the way out (upstairs zone compressor is low on R22) and propane was shocking expensive over the winter (we had natural gas at prior home). I don't have access to natural gas but have electric grid power. I have 15 acres so plenty of land but it is on a mountain with relatively shallow bedrock (bedrock had to be blasted during original construction for basement). Researching potential options has led me to believe my best path forward for heating/cooling likely includes a combination of ground source heat pump for heat and a/c with solar array to reduce electric costs. Given the already present heat/a/c woes, I intend to implement the ground source heat pump first and follow with solar array later (say in a year or two).

    I have been lurking on here for months reading as much as I can. Ordered and read various books from Ashrae and IGSHPA so I am fairly up to speed on knowledge/nomenclature of these systems. However, I am finding it very hard to track down reputable designers/installers for ground source heat pump systems. Initially I was searching for HVAC designers/installers but got the feeling most were just playing lip service to get their foot in my door and then attempt to recommend a traditional furnace/a/c system while never intending (or wanting) to design or install a geothermal system. So I changed course and decided to call several local well drilling companies to see if a) they ever drilled vertical wells for geothermal systems and b) if so, who did they work with on the mechanical side. From this process, I got two names:

    Roger Locandro of Energy Smarts Mechanical in Stockton, NJ
    Walter Kazar of Anew Solution in Flemington, NJ

    Has anyone worked with either of these individuals or companies? Any reason to use or avoid? Is there a better way to source out competent ground source heat pump designers and installers? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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    You might go to the Waterfurnce, Climatemaster, or other major brand geothermal websites and click on Find a Dealer or Where to Buy and enter your location. The Waterfurnace site will also include a Territory Manager when you put in your location.
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    Hi and welcome!
    Callahan well drilling is a member here, If he does not service your area I would take a referral from him as to who you should call. Mill pond Mechanical in port deposit is the area bosch dealer and I would take a referral from them as well as to who services your area and has the chops to get it done. Hope this helpsEric
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    thank you both for replying - I'm guessing no experience with either of the HVAC contractors I listed.

    I had initially gone the geothermal brand websites route to get contractor names but the lists merely seemed like a list of HVAC contractors in my area who could sell/install a unit rather than companies/individuals who's primary focus was ground sourced heat pump systems (at least based on their own websites' content). I'm a little worried that your general HVAC contractor won't get some of the details right and I'll be back here in a year troubleshooting a shoddy set up (or worse yet an incorrectly sized unit/borehole).

    I'll give both Callahan and Mill Pond a call. I doubt they service my area (Callahan is probably 1.5 hours away; Mill Pond is like 2 hours away) but they may have insight into contractors in my area. The geology under my house is somewhat unique for the area/NJ and I think local well drillers might be the best resource for the vertical wells so my real concern is with the HVAC contractor who designs and installs the system inside the house. Both well drillers I called indicated they were always subcontractors to the HVAC contractor. I'm assuming this is a common setup?
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    Going the well driller route is not a bad thing. Finding a driller with loop experience that drills your area will yield a list of hvac contractors they have worked with and had no issues. Geothermal is a shared trade between the hvac and the driller. Neither will refer you to a contractor that yielded a job that caused problems or call backs for them.

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