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  1. Dap320

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    Suggested Geothermal Heat Pump Vendors

    I am looking to replace my old FHP single stage pumps with new ones. I have two units right now, one in the basement heating the basement and the first floor and one in the attic heating the second and third floor. I have an open loop system and both units are 2.5tons. I would like to see if anyone has any suggestions as two what manufactures to look at and ones to stay away from. I was also looking at the all in one units and the split units and wondering if a large single split unit could handle the whole house possible. Any sugguestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dave
  2. engineer

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    Waterfurnace, ClimateMaster and Hydron Module all seem to be popular here. Avoid Hydro Delta. FHP has a newer more efficient line called Aquarius.

    Single 5 ton unit could theoretically do what two 2.5s do now. A load calc might reveal that total tonnage could be a bit less. You'd likely need zoning and duct rework to handle both larger main flow and a different return arrangement.

    Thermostat and damper wiring could be a headache as well.

    I strongly suggest doing or getting done a load calc before specifying size of replacement unit(s)
  3. Dap320

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    So i just got an estimate for an fhp ESO25 split system with an auxilary heat and the price came out to $6200.00 not including any install, just material. Does this seem about right?
  4. waterpirate

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    That is a fair price. There are other manufactures in the pool now that are cheaper than FHP and more expensive. At the end of the day I think a quality install by an experienced geo hvac is the deciding factor.
  5. MarauderX

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    You may find that Carrier and other manufacturers are using the same line as FHP, but with their name slapped on the outside.
  6. Dap320

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    How does Climatemaster compare to FHP in price?
  7. waterpirate

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    In my area the climatemaster units can be as much as 25% cheaper, and consideredthe builders grade. However efficency's are in the same area.
  8. Dap320

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    Thankyou, I have request for a quote on a climatemaster TTS026, with auxilary heat. Its suppose to be apples to apple with the FHP ESO25. Do you have any input on that unit.

    Thanks Dave
  9. waterpirate

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    I am on my way out, You can check the specs by using the links on the forum mainpage. I can help later if needed.
  10. GeoGuy25

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    Any ClimateMaster TT unit is the top of the line. In my area ClimateMaster is somewhat taking over the other manufactures due to their quality and pricing. Some companies might claim they have a higher COP but I would be willing to bet they are all similar. ClimateMaster just seems to have more support and their factory reps in my area are hands down the best. I feel also that for whatever reason the ClimateMaster units run a bit quieter.
  11. Dap320

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    Would you happen to have a round about pricing that I should be expecting for this unit (tt026). Thanks for your input, this if very helpful.
  12. GeoGuy25

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    There is no way I could provide total install pricing but I can maybe get you in the "ballpark" for the purchase of the unit. Please dont hold this round about price to any installer. From my experience I would say that the TTS026 unit will LIST for around 4500. I cant stress enough this is only a ballpark. Where are you located? This can also change the price.
  13. Dap320

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    I live in southern NJ. I am looking for just an estimate of the unit with the auxilary heat. This is a huge help. Thanks
  14. GeoGuy25

    GeoGuy25 Member

    :confused:I am a little confused by your request at this point. The round about pricing I provided was for a TTS unit. This unit is a split and no Aux. heat would go with it. Did you mean a TTV unit? That would make a bit more sense to me if so. And if you did then disregard my number because its for a differnt unit.
  15. Dap320

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    The model number the installer said he was going to get me a price on was the TTS026. He did know that I wanted auxilary heat but there may have been a possibility of him providing the wrong model #. So in anycase I am looking for the TTS026 with auxilary heat and if the TTV is with auxilary heat than this is what I need. Sorry for the confusion.
  16. Dap320

    Dap320 New Member

    I forgot to add that I would need the split and auxilary heat.
  17. sunnyflies

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    Hydron - how are they compared to others?

    How are Hydron units considered versus other brands? I've been talking with someone who installs them a lot, but told me they have a ten year warranty. I looked up the company's site and it said 5 years. While I'd like a longer warranty, I'd be alright with the brand if they hold up and perform well. I want something reliable.

    Anyone with any experience with them ?
  18. urthbuoy

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    Previous hydron user

    I was there just when they got switched over to Enertech so I was willing to wait for a bit. I've ended up with some warranty issues that I've had to cover the costs for as my paperwork and parts submittals keep vanishing. So I'm not impressed on that front. Also 3 units arrived with bent blower cages (transport issue) and one had no refrigerant (leak).

    But, that being said, they are an ok unit. And 5-year warranty. But they are noisier than the waterfurnace equivalents (which you will pay a premium for).

    So, all things being equal - I don't deal with Hydron anymore. Don't even know if they've noticed frankly.
  19. sunnyflies

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    I appreciate your answer. I had some concerns as I haven't heard of too many using them. I am looking for something that backs up its products. A long warranty would be nice too. I have been looking in to Water Furnace, Florida HP and recently Climatemaster, but since most of the installers do not give me a good sense of confidence I have been looking further.

    Where I live, I will have to pay a premium on anything I buy as nothing is reasonable in a major summer resort - recession or not. So, believe me, this brand unit would not be a budget purchase decision. It was suggested by a hydrologist who is the first person I've spoken to who seems to know what he's talking about when it comes to water and soil conditions in my area. I think he works with installers of different brands so I would be able to go with another.
  20. gabby

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