Pennsylvania Geothermal electric bill reality check

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by cwb124, Feb 17, 2017.

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    I'm in SE PA and I had a Climatemaster 22 unit 048 model/size installed in June. House is 14 years old, 2,980 sq ft and I'd say well insulated. Modern home, etc.

    Install was excellent and smooth and my electric bill went down a bit. Not as much as I expected, but still down. Here's some data.

    With a 13 year old traditional AC unit, in 2015 during the Jul 6- Aug 5 electric bill, I used on average 53.96 kWh per day. Avg temp was 73 degrees. During the same period in 2016 after I had the geo unit installed, I averaged 47.68 kWh per day with an average temperature of 76 degrees. 13% electric reduction, even with 3 degrees warmer temp.

    The geo replaced a propane furnace so these numbers aren't apples to apples by any stretch. But let's take a look. From Jan 6 - Feb 5 using propane, I averaged 26.97 kWh per day. Same period the following year with geothermal, I average 78.4 kWh per day. That's a delta of 51.43 kWh per day average.
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    With a CM22, which is not the highest efficient unit, it is probably with reasons....

    Here is a 5 ton 7 series using about 50-70 kwhs day south of Buffalo NY. Climate zone 6 (very cold), 5 ton unit, but more efficient that yours, so a bit apples to oranges.
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    A really really important piece of information that seems to be missing - how much propane was not burned and at what cost savings?

    If you heated a typical 3kSF house through the coldest month of the year for $200 in additional electricity that seems like it might be a good deal.

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