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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Spruce Lake, Nov 20, 2009.

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    Spruce Lake,

    We have reviewed your serial numbers, which you have provided to us in the past. Unfortunately, your equipment is not WaterFurnace equipment. We have been in contact with GeoSmart Energy, the manufacturer of your equipment, and they have informed us that they will be contacting you to address your concerns.
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    GeoSmart RTV and EW

    Hey Ryan, you have mistakenly misled your fellow bloggers. First of all, you do not have a Waterfurnace branded equipment in your house so you have been chacing the wrong people all of this time. They can not help you with warranties and the like as you are barking up the wrong tree. You purchaced a GeoSmart Premium 3 and a GeoSmart EW020. The labeling on the units would have told you that. The warranty that you purchased will be our warranty or an additional warranty supplied by the dealer. Neither of the warranties envolve WaterFurnace. The second problem you have is your installing dealer has closed down. To clarify our warranty, we supply 1 Year Labor (at industry esablished rates similar to other brands), 5 Years all parts only, 10 Year all Refrigeration parts only.

    To this date we have not heard from you ever. A Reversing Valve was replaced in Jan 2008 under warranty even though the leak should have simply braized in under an hour. It was shipped to the dealer the same day. The time to replace is, as the gentlemen enginneer explained, 2 to 3 hours. Unfortunatly the misdiagnosed failure occurred after the labor allowances had expired. A second reversing valve is not likely in the cards at this point.

    If your emergency heat were hooked up correctly in the first place it would come on only as emergency heat in the event of failure and not as auxillary. You should not have any reason to disconnect or alter the factory designed system.

    It seems there is more to the story, You indicate that you are on an open loop system and perhaps short of water to run the system. This is not a warranty item and is not the equipments fault.

    On your other piece of equipment there was mention of a fried boards. I can assure these boards do not fry. I'm sure there again is more to the story there also, perhaps some auxillary equipment or a power surge may have damaged it at that time. I'm not sure what the fried board cause was but it's likely we would have supplied the replacement board under warranty if called upon. If after a year, there woul;d be no labor allowance available.

    If you are having waterflow problems, I suggest you see your water well professional before you do any damage to your units that may not be covered under warranty. Please see our website at for further information.
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    Changed thread title and moving to Troubleshooting forum
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    Is it just me at the end of a long day, or is that one rude and condescending reply??

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    reply, I have been trying to help this guy for years.
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    I feel the same way. A piss poor way to treat a customer.
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    This reply Mark
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    It appears there may be a little bit of a language issue which may have been translated a little more harshly than intended.
    That said, it is not a very "GeoSmart" PR move.
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    Spruce Lake

    Sorry guys, its not a PR issue. His installer has been out of business for several years. No one can help that at this point. The idea is to get him up and running quickly without misdirection especially at this time of year.

    Our equipment and manuals are clearly marked GeoSmart and in this case are residential not commercially rated. Chasing and blogging the wrong company won't solve his problems. GeoSmart is available to attempt to solve customer and installer problems all day, everyday. While Spruce Lake can reach us at anytime 24/7 on our toll free tech service number, to date, we do not have any correspondance from the customer and only a 2008 serial number related reversing valve failure from the now long departed contractor.

    His situation came to our attension from an outside source yesturday. It's clear everyone on this site is just trying to help which is fantastic. To do so is difficult when the wrong informatiom is being implyed. Lets get him up and running!
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    Well, so much for 24/7 service ... just called the 866 number left on my answering machine ... nobody home.

    Will try again in the morning.

    Just to clarify:

    I called GeoSmart Nov 2009 after the motherboard went on the water to water unit. Just read the thread ...

    FW Webb contacted them for warranty claim on the motherboard (which was rejected).

    Water Furnace has called them at least twice regarding my issues. WF led GeoSmart to this thread.

    So the communication issue is not on my end.

    As for why Water Furnace is in the loop. The manual has Water Furnaces address on the back. The equipment tag states "MANUFACTURED : FORT WAYNE INDIANA USA" .... again Water Furnace (picture available ... I share). In fact the words GEOSMART are no where to be found. Even the thermastat says Water Furnace. But hey ... my bad.

    Of course, I am pleased to have them on board. I'll call them in the morning.

    FWIW it's always a PR issue when posting on the internet using a company name.
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