GeoLink Report - Accuracy?

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  1. JFLame

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    I'm curious if anybody has real world data around the accuracy of the GeoLink reports?

    I have had more than one contractor run them for me, and they provide a fantastic amount of detail. One contractor actually said the report is "conservative, so your performance should be excellent." I know that if things like the heat loss calc are not accurate the report is not accurate, but if the going in assumption is that the parameters were set correctly, is the report reliable?
  2. AMI Contracting

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    IF "the parameters were set correctly",
    "is the report reliable?" YES

    The software is fairly simple. A known load (loss/gain) a known cost of energy and known HDD (heating degree days- or cooling). The math is easy enough to do longhand. In fact we often do it in reverse to turn a heating bill into a heat loss.
  3. JFLame

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    Would one of you guys mind taking a look over this report and letting me know if anything looks suspicious?

    The only item I'm not sure if this particular contractor got correct or not is the trench/bore. The 660 ft is based on two 320' wells, with 330' each of installed loop. The additional trench to the house is not included in that number and would probably be about 30' or so. He originally ran the report without specifying the trench/bore and it calculated 610', so I am not concerned since they are specifying 640' minimum. He bumped it to 660' in the Geolink just to try for a more accurate number.

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  4. arc8

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    Nothing suspicious, until I see the loop-field pressure report.
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    Looks good. Why do you have a propane tank as you domestic hot water? Do you have a buffer tank?
  6. JFLame

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    I have propane now, and I decided to stick with it for a number of reasons. I will be getting a buffer tank to go with the DSH, the propane heater is just the finishing tank.

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