Wisconsin Geocomfort water to water issues-no run

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    GEO Comfort Premier EW060r12ssb

    Set up as reversible unit. Run from external controls to maintain a tank at temp.

    Unit has been in and running for about 12 yrs now. Recently just quit. Displayed temp, no codes just no go even though the call was there. Techs did a lot of probing and determined that the call was not coming from the board so needed to order a board. New board no fix. Now has a code D0 that's a d zero which is for the freeze protection thermistor. The thermistors all check out OK via ohms.

    We are now able to get it to run in heat mode, but cool sets code. Not locked out just stands still. Exhausted about everything short of replacing thermistors which I guess is next on the list. Tried removing and holding in hand to warm it, appears to have proper voltage etc They spent a lot of time on the phone with Tech at Enertech. Not sure if they plan to use off the shelf thermistors or wait for ordered parts but at this point

    Note: The D0 code was not present at first. It seemed to appear in the middle of the initial probing I noticed that it started coding D0

    It's nasty hot in the house at 78-80 and our PC's and server are not liking it. Windows are all casement so a window
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    Forgot to add closed loop and set up according to spec in the configuration

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