Illinois GeoComfort GS Series - Compressor Short Cycling

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by illini150, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. illini150

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    Looking for some help with my GeoComfort GS series. I bought the house 3 years ago with the geothermal already installed so I am still getting familiar with it but it has been trouble-free until this point.

    I currently have a "Water Flow" fault from the unit control board and the Comfort Alert is showing a "Short Cycle" error. The compressor is not running when these codes are up and my fan is running on low.

    If I power cycle the unit, the compressor will kick on and run for about 2 minutes and then kick off. The fan will remain running. Every once in a while, the compressor will turn on again and run for 2 minutes and then shut off again.

    My thermostat is a Gen. 3 Nest that I've had for about a year and haven't had any issues with, yet.

    I am leaning towards a bad control board or a bad freeze protection thermistor. I still need to verify control voltage out from the board to the compressor. I guess if it's there in these situations then the compressor is bad?

    Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. illini150

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    So, I've narrowed down the issue to the microprocessor control board. I am getting the wetting voltage for the CC control output from the high pressure switch but I am not getting any output on CC. I've checked the CC contactor by jumpering 24V to the coil and it works fine and the compressor kicks on. I am assuming the only answer is a new control board?
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    What tests did you perform to arrive at that conclusion?

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