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    CaliforniaGeo is pleased to introduce Geo101 - Geothermal Heat Pumps, the first in a series of educational, fact based and marketing-free geo heat pump webinars.

    You won't need to be an engineer to benefit from this 90-minute presentation, but you might feel like one when it's over. This content will take you from the astrophysical and geophysical properties of the underground heat sink to the materials and equipment that make up the modern geo heat pump system. They utilize their underground loops to retrieve needed heat in winter and dump unwanted heat in summer with technology that's mature but still emerging in the Golden State.

    Don't understand the compression/refrigerant cycle or how someone can get heat from 45° dirt or how that same dirt can be utilized to cool building? No problem. Powerful graphic diagrams and expert narration will get you comfortable in a hurry! You can trust CaliforniaGeo to keep you abreast of this technology and its application like no one else.

    Get the whole story on one of the California's best kept secrets. You're going to see so much more of it in the near future as California seeks greater reductions in electricity use and greenhouse gas while enhancing the adoption of zero net energy buildings. Geo heat pumps can and should be a large part of this ZNE effort in every state and climate. Not convinced? According to the Draft 2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report, the California Energy Commission has apparently concluded geo heat pumps are a viable energy efficiency strategy, "The Energy Commission supports the proper design and installation of geothermal heat pump technologies as a strategy for meeting California’s energy efficiency goals.”

    Is the Geo101 webinar right for you?
    • Have you been told geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) work great but not in California?
    • Have you heard geo heat pumps (GHPs) are a great solution but only if a geyser is nearby?
    • Has your design team concluded GHPs are not a good fit or too expensive for your building?
    • Do you think conventional high efficiency HVAC systems perform as well as GHPs?
    • Do you think geo heat pump technologies are not a “renewable energy”?
    • Is your school or college planning a Prop 39 funded deep energy efficiency retrofit?
    If you answered yes to any of the above CaliforniaGeo’s Geo101 webinar is a must attend.

    Continuing Education Credit - GBCI CE Hours: 1 (Course #0090010600)
    GBCI CE Hours provided by through our Education Partner: USGBC Northern California Chapter

    Registration and Schedule are available here.

    Presenter: Lisa Meline, Meline Engineering principal engineer and owner and industry recognized leader in geo and sustainable HVAC system design and construction will be your presenter on two upcoming dates.
    • Phil Henry will present Doing Geo Business in California
    Moderator: Sean Dillon, WaterFurnace International Region Manager, will be your moderator.

    Upcoming Geo101 dates:
    October 22, 2013

    October 23, 2013

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