New York GEO / Solar in Northern NY

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    For those thinking about GEO in cold climates...dont hesitate. We have a relatively small (1280 sf) 15 year old house located as far north as you can go in NY. Its pretty well insulated. The end of July brought us to a close of our first full year of GEO and solar. We received a credit back from electric utility for $149.58! There is a power meter on the geo unit (2 ton Hydron Module w/ 1200 ft. horizontal ground loop)) which recorded 4285 kWh for a full year of heat and a/c. If we were paying for power (solar covers all of our power) at the local rate of $.15 kWh, the cost would have been $642.75. By comparison, our heat bill alone for the prior year (propane forced air) was $1105.00!
    Lastly, whether heating or cooling, the house is always the same temperature. Quality of life is much better without the ups and downs of conventional forced air products. Give it a try. You'll be glad you did!:)
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    Great to hear. May I ask who your geo installer was?
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    Fourth Coast Inc. Clayton, NY
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    I love it when a plan comes together.

    Good job.

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    This was one of the coldest (for a long period of time) winters I remember in over 40 years. Was a perfect "test" winter. I monitored water temperatures all winter to see how cold the loop would go. By the end of March, water was going out into the loop at 28 degrees and coming back in at 34. Guess I know why theres anti-freeze in it! It amazes me that you can get heat from 34 degree water. We do have a 5000 watt coil in the ductwork for backup but we never turned on the breaker. System maintained perfectly. Tim
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    thanks for sharing
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    Very nice results! Makes me want to add more solar pv panels!

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