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Discussion in 'Geothermal Heat Pump Testimonials' started by eaerhard, Feb 25, 2015.

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    I just wanted to give a big thank you Mark and Stephanie Custis for coming out last weekend to get me set up with a buffer tank and to give my trusty little Climatemaster TZ22 a once over. I learned more about Geo units and plumbing in the hours they were at my house than I have learned in the year of ownership. We got the tank installed and Mark and Stephanie helped tweak the settings on my system. Since coming out on Friday my system is keeping the house very comfortable while being 10x quieter than what the installers left me with, despite it being -20 at my house yesterday morning. We run very little on Aux heat now even at those cold temps and on days like today where we are 20*+, the system runs a little while on stage 1 and turns off, something we didn't have much luck with prior to them coming out. Also, I had the matching thermostat for those Climatemaster digital systems installed and Mark and Stephanie made me very comfortable with changes to it that have greatly helped in creating a comfortable home!
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  2. Eric, do you need a retainer for your publicity campaign? Really, though, glad we could help! :)
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    Stephanie, yes, I take small unmarked bills only! For the assistance you provided me it was the least I could do.
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    Tell us what you found Stephanie. What corrections did you make?
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    This was our first trip to the plate with the Climate Master on board ECM pump and an un-happy geo-junky. I am able to size just enough pump to do a job, my favorite supply house went Bosch and we had issues with TEV and coils. I like you backed down on what I bought from Climate Master.

    I may have been wrong.

    The job was a home building outfit does a bunch of you have the land and we will build and talk to your bank,that offered geo as an option. They do lots of homes in mid Ohio. Not bad, but not the best. We had done a second DHW buffering tank by the same builder ten days earlier.

    I did not get into the loops, as they seemed to work well. Eric and I have numbers if you wish to see them.

    The defaults on the controls as shipped had way to much air going through the system. We backed down the blower speed in heating and everyone is living in comfort.

    I learned that I had two variables on this machine. Water flow in heating and airflow in heating. I was able to control each.


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