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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Geostew227, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Geostew227

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    Is it normal for a geothermal system to make a lot of noise when it comes on, and also dim the lights in a house? Note that it isn't always "loud" when it comes on, and the lights don't always dim - I would guess its really loud 5% of the time, and just "vibrates" the unit all the other times. We had a geothermal system installed two years ago in our house. I believe that it is a 4 ton unit with a two stage system and around 400 feet of underground loop. We have had two compressors replaced. The compressors had sheared the mounting bolts each time. The contractor replaced a control module the last time that the compressor was changed, and mentioned that this should take care of the problem. At first the unit was very quiet when it came on, similar to what we experienced when the unit was first installed. Since that time, it has been getting louder when it comes on. It is quiet when it runs, its just the noise it makes when it comes on. I am concerned about the life of the system. Also, if it is drawing an excessive amount of current, it may be negating any energy/cost savings. I am getting ready to have the HVAC contractor come and take a look at the system again. I wanted a "second independent opinion" before doing that, from someone that has experience w/ other geothermal systems. Also, the first stage of our system rarely comes on, even when the thermostat is just one degree below the temperature setting - is this normal? Maybe I am being "overly concerned" knowing the history of this system. The contractor had refused to replace the unit up to this point.
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    First, we need to know Make and Model of the unit.
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    The make and model is: Bryant, United Technologies Carrier, model # 50YDV049JCB311
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    The first thing that comes to my mind is a possible intermittent drop in voltage coming to the unit. I would also test the capacitor for the compressor. It is possible to add a hard start kit to the unit. Carrier's parts places have a nice one that uses a potential relay to drop the second capcitor when the motor gets up to speed.

  5. ACES-Energy

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    We have seen an excessive amount of capacitor and hard start failures thus year..I started to stock my guys with multitap capacitors with adjustable capacitance. Also can gang them up for larger units...i wonder if the smart grid that us looming is starting to mess with our stuff?????
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    Long shot here - be sure whatever controls this system (thermostat or zone board) has provision for compressor protection delay, 5 minutes between stop and restart.
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    What thermostat do you have? From what I know, these units should always start up in stage 1 and then move over to stage 2. Could the thermostat be mis-wire? Y1/Y2 swapped?

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