Geo analysis for Insulated Panel

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  1. ctuttle

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    House specs, geothermal design, brands, prices.

    I'm editing this to set the stage better for everyone reading and helping me. Thanks for all the input!

    Here is more info that should be helpful to get the size of system for the geothermal..... Here's my goal: to pick the best brand and service combo, design the system, and get an estimated price and buy it.

    So, I've been looking at the EER and COP ratings of Climate Master (and other brands it labels), Water Furnance, Florida, Econ AR and just started looking at for the straight compares.

    Another strange... I see a vast range in prices on units; for example a local retailer is pricing a Tranquility Climate Master 4 T about $17K and i see the same on the web for $8,900. (These are just the main unit, neither includes install, duct work, pipe for closed loop, or trenching/backhoe)

    At it shows about 5,700 heating degree days and 1201 cooling degree days (western Kansas)

    501 Sq Feet of Windows with u-factor of .30 (75 of the 501 in basement)

    97 Sq feet of doors (3). Entry is 3" thick cedar, back is pella sliding, side porch is half window basic utility door.

    SIP (foam panels) insulation R-values:
    Walls - 2250 sq ft of area above basement w/ R24 - R27 (SIP)
    Roof - 1600 sql ft of area, w/ R30-R34

    2nd floor is 1/2 loft (open) and 1/2 bedroom.

    Ground temp: 55 degrees F

    Other notes:
    We'll use the 30% tax credit (that law just recently), and electric rate of 5.7 cents/KWH if we do the Geo or air heat pump.


  2. geo fan

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    30% on an air source ?? I dont think so , maybe I missed that one
    some more info would be needed for your estimates
    the heat load calc, the equipment size , Heating degree days
    and cooling degree days for your area .

    Brands water furnace ,Florida Heat Pump , Climate Master are the big 3

    DX systems are mostly domenated by earthlinked , but there are a few others of good quality
  3. ctuttle

    ctuttle New Member

    yes, you are correct...

    :eek:...the 30% tax credit is just for Geothermal (materials and labor).
  4. Mark Custis

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    budgett will not allow for much unless it is over and above a standard system.
  5. gabby

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    Windows are going to be energy eff - (all are about 78 total sq ft)

    You window sqft sure seems mighty small for a 3700 sqft home, unless the home is totally buried except for the front. That is the equivalent of four 3'x6' windows for the whole house.
  6. AndyF

    AndyF New Member

    The feds are offer a 30% tax credit on air to air but it subject to a $300 cap if I remember correctly and it is ineligible if you are subject to the AMT. It is also thrown in with appliances and subject to a $1500 lifetime minimum.
  7. AndyF

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    EER and SEER are not the same rating. A geothermal heat pump with a 30 EER rating the like the WaterFurnace Envision system would be to approximately equal a 38 SEER rated unit (this is not an accurate comparison because it would vary from unit to unit).

    I have read about energy efficiency mortgages that take into account your energy savings for geo over conventional systems and allows you to borrow more based on those savings.
  8. cdhand

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    I don't think you could go wrong with geothermal on a new house. Read up and make sure it is installed right. This will be money in your pocket for many years to come, and the comfort cannot be beat by any system.

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