Florida heat pump geo question.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Raye, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Raye

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    We installed an open loop system that came on line the first of this year.The geo uses our old fuel oil furnace blower with the A coil mounted on top of the fuel oil furnace below the duct work.It worked fine all winter and the fuel oil furnace never came on even at -20.Last week when the thermostat called for heat the fuel oil furnace came on.It was probably 45 degrees outside.I turned the unit off and on several times but the fuel oil furnace still kept on coming on.I called the installer who said he could come the next day.Of course by then it was working again.The teck showed up and said the unit must be locking out because the fuel oil furnace heat exchanger wasn't cooled down enough when the geo tried to come on.I told him the fuel oil had not been on all winter.He didn't believe me,kind of patronizing,said i probably didn't notice it coming on and the geo alone wouldn't heat my house at -20.I told him the fuel oil furnace is under my easy chair in the basement and i know when it comes on.My wife noticed the oil smell that comes out of the vents when the fuel oil comes on.Anyhow he installed a relay that lets the furnace blower run for 3 minuites before the geo comes on.Now i get 3 minuites of cold air, plus a couple more minutes before the geo heats up.The relay has a red knob that looks adjustable.Can i just turn off the relay,or should i just remove it? Originally the blower would come on 10 seconds before the geo and worked fine.I don't think that was even the problem to begin with,sounded like a thermostat or mother board problem to me.It was working fine before the teck showed up,so i don't think a relay was even necessary.I want it back the way it was.
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    This isn,t an answer to your question but I hope you get one. I am comtemplating a geo system for ny double wide manufactured home and will probably need a split system. It has a downdraft Coleman furnace. I contacted coleman and they have a coil for the R-410 refrigerant made to fit my furnace model. I don,t want to take over your post but would like to know if you think it is better the way you did it or do you think it would be better to have a separate air handler? For me I think if I did what you did it would solve a lot of problems. My furnace has no return ducting and gets its return air thru the front of the furnace in the hallway. If I go the airhandler way I will need return ducting. air handler way probly would be a little more efficient but cost a lot more to install since I have a crawlspace basement with 42 inch clearance below steel beams that home sits on. Also I could probably use a horizontal Geo unit but no vertical.
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    My oil furnace has always worked good and i wasn't sure how the geo would do when it got really cold ,so i decided to combine the two.I could use my old duct work,and the furnace blower will last with a new motor.I did add an inline air filter system to do away with the regular furnace filter.I also added the superheater for hot water.A friend of mine installed the same outfit with a seperate airhandler.He removed his gas furnace completely and is satisfied with his system.The company that installed mine has put in over 400 systems in the last 20 years.The installers were nice and explained everything,but the service teck got on my nerves and didn't like me questioning him.
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    The first thing I would do would be to attempt to determine how much you actually need the oil burner. I personally don't think the time delay is a bad idea, but it should not be relevant very often.

    You could measure your discharge air temperature and see how long it takes to cool down to below 80 degrees, and then set your time delay at that amount of time.


  5. Raye

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    The fuel oil shouldn't be coming on at all.The geo takes care of the heating by it's self.The fuel oil is just a backup.For some reason something triggered the fuel oil to come on instead of the geo.It was 45 degrees outside,the geo worked fine at -20 and should not have came on in the first place.
  6. geo fan

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    2 points
    the coil should be on the return side of the furnace if they ever could run at the same time
    Second oil makes a lousy back up for the simple fact that oil doesnt last , after a couple years in that tank it will like trying to burn sludge

    Is it at all possible a thermostat was set to aux or emergency heat?
  7. Raye

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    I've ran 10 year old diesel through my shop furnace with no problems,it actually heats better than geo.The geo heats air to about 98 degrees,the fuel oil to 112.I've ran farm diesel since we built the house 32 years ago without one problem.When it got to over 4 bucks a gallon last winter i decided to do something else.Several people around here ( west central ohio) have there own gas well.Most were drilled for oil back in the 1940's and 1950's and still have enough gas pressure to heat a house.A neighbor has heated his house for over 40 years with an abandoned gas well that was on his property.The thermostat was set to heat,the emergency setting turns on the fuel oil.Something had to trigger the geo to come on,but i don't no how the contols work.Every geo i've seen needed a backup of some sort.
  8. AMI Contracting

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    No geo system has to have back up heat. It is simply more economical to employ aux. coils for the few hours a year you need more than sensibly designed system can provide. Of course a fossil system can provide higher leaving air temps. but how many degrees do you need to get to 70?
    I had a conversation with someone this evening who informed me that geo "is to expensive and will take 20 years to pay for itself."
    Just for fun, if that's true, how long does it take for an oil system to pay for itself?
  9. Raye

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    An oil system is less than 2000 bucks and i can use number 2 farm diesel,so the answer is not very long.The backup is for when the geo locks out or has one of many problems i see listed on this site when it's -15 and you need some heat.My old fuel oil came in pretty handy when my electric went off for several hours when it was -20.My generator couldn't handle the geo,well pump and the geo water pump at the same time.
  10. AMI Contracting

    AMI Contracting A nice Van Morrison song Industry Professional Forum Leader

    A kerosene heater is less than 50 bucks. Wouldn't that be many times superior to the <$2,000 oil burner in the situations you describe?
    You are talking about emergencies now. Are you really on a geo forum talking about free nat. gas and emergency situations and comparing it to realtime geo op. cost?
    Geo is 3-500% efficient. You don't have to believe it. You are welcome to pay more.

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