Flashing red light on thermostat

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by tstape, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. tstape

    tstape New Member

    My honeywell thermostat is flashing a red light.

    I looked at my furnace and had water on my basement floor. I took off the panels on the furnace and noticed water (not a lot) inside. I noticed some gunk at the end of my drain pipe. I poured water down my furnace resevoir drain hole and a gelatinous goo shot out the drain pipe.

    I'm guessing that something "grew" in my drain pipe over time and backed up the water in my resevoir. It now flows fine.

    My problem is I can't get the red light to stop blinking. I shut off the circuit breakers for about ten minutes, but still a flashing light.

    Any suggestions?
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    there are many Honeywell thermostats, but if you have the book it will likely walk you through reset procedure.
  3. tstape

    tstape New Member

    Thanks. I do have the book, but I'm concerned I might reset settings that are specific to the unit.

    Do you think the thermostat is hanging on to the problem?

    My unit seems to be working fine. At first the auxillary heat was on. I'm guessing the unit noticed a problem and went in to auxillary mode, so nothing was harmed on the regular unit. It doesn't go in to auxillary mode now.
  4. tstape

    tstape New Member

    The light on the thermostat continues to flash, even when I shut the geothermal unit down. That makes me think it might be in the thermostat.
  5. tstape

    tstape New Member

    I think I solved the problem. My drain line was plugged and my resevoir and humidifier were not draining.

    My resevoir has a wire in it, which I suspect detects high water and a problem.

    Everything drains fine now, but I still have the flashing red light on my thermostat.

    I did reset my thermostat. I sort of regret that now, since I might have change installer settings.

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