New York Fix or new system?

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    Got a quote for climate master equipment. Would be comparable to the 5 series water furnace(13k after rebates)

    1- Climate Master TEV038AGD06JRTS water source heat pump ( 3 tons)
    1- Climate Master 10 kw backup heat package
    - All necessary wiring
    - All necessary ductwork
    - All necessary piping
    - All necessary labor to install
    - Old unit will be removed

    Warranty- 10 year on all parts and labor for the Climate Master equipment

    Cost- $13,400.00 BEFORE rebates. So would be around 6k my cost. Less then half price of the 5 series install.
  2. Colton Weber

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    Last quote.
    7 series
    2 50gal tanks

    13k! Wooh that's much better then 18k!

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