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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by kinglerch, Nov 3, 2014.

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    This is my first heating season with geothermal (TT30 closed loop, Stage 1 only) and I wanted to get a feel for what it is doing, how it is operating. When the system first turns on, the water-in temps are around 50, and drop to mid 40s after a couple hours. The water-out temps are 6 degrees cooler. The supply air is staying at around 85deg while the return air is in the mid 60s.

    Can someone explain what is happening to provide around 20deg of heat increase to the air, using the 6 degrees of "heat" being extracted from the water temps? Are my temps normal? My understanding of heat extraction and delivery from water that seems nearly freezing is pretty limited.
  2. Palace GeoThermal

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    Mr Google can answer your question. Your system is working great!!
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    The difference between airside delta T and waterside delta T is explained partly by the specific heat content of each substance (air and loop fluid) and the mass flow of each. Note also that in heating mode energy consumed by compressor and indoor blower add to the heat extracted from the loop fluid and together comprise the total heat added to air.

    I hope that helps. DeWayne gave good advice too.
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    Thanks for the info. How low is typically too low for water temps, before the ClimateMaster either can't get any heat out of the loop, or refuses to try to do so?
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    The pro's here learned me that there is "heat" in freezing temp water, believe it or not.

    So having your incoming water (EWT) at 30*F in heating season is OK.

    When temps approach 25*F, out going water temp (LWT) could be near the teens, tripping the unit (shutting it down) on freeze protection.

  6. kinglerch

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    So as usual...I have to try and stay away from the teens :rolleyes:
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    "This is my first heating season with geothermal (TT30 closed loop, Stage 1 only)"
    Why stage 1 only?
  8. kinglerch

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    My house is passive solar and the rest of the heat is supposed to be contributed by sun exposure, but again this is my first heating season with geothermal so I can't say for sure if I will need to go to stage 2 yet.
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  10. kinglerch

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    Ok, heating season going fine. I had an odd (to me) occurrence though, after coming back from vacation. The temp was set back while I was gone, and caught up 10 degrees when I got back. In the time of bringing the house back up to temp, the entire buffer tank for hwg got very hot. The hwg was still going (I could hear the pump) even though the pipes were too hot to touch for very long. So I assume the geo was using "excess" heat to heat the buffer tank, but why? I also assume the geo will stop hwg if the water truly got too hot to do so.

    Wouldn't any excess heat be better suited to put into the inside air, or back into the ground? Why would there be "excess" heat during heating season anyway? Is what I am seeing normal?
  11. AMI Contracting

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    Yep it's normal. The Desuperheater cools superheated gas whether you are heating or cooling the home. Long cycles make lots of hot water.

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