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    McGyver might have enjoyed this one.
    Trying to make controls (that aren't designed to do a job) answer the demand with other controls that aren't designed for the job is trying at best.
    I was delighted that we were able to create 3 stage cooling (albeit by timer). The biggest challange without a specific hydronic heat/cool board (will get one when we determine the best fit for H/O's wish list) is isolating so many different transformers.
    Supposed to be 82* today round here, so we didn't get it done too soon.

    Thanks for the compliment Mark, the real praise goes to Mike for insulating pipes (some as high as 11' in the air). Nice looking job.

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    Stairs and my right knee:

    As I type I am in the middle of the great black swamp, listening to and seeing the fleeting migatory birds. Steph is feeling better.

    This is the early spring heat wave, it could be differant with global warming this year it seams late to me. I know what I do, so I am not concerned my phone is not ringing off the hook, but two days of 80's at home should allow some A/C service work, when I get there.

    I am pleased to find out the leaks in the monster home a/c stayed fixed, so we are comfortable. Most of what I do is about comfort, and Stephanie.

    "Life is but a box of chocolates", one never knows what one will get. From Forest Gump.

    I have learned that comfort is what this is all about. I wonder why those guys drew stuff on the caves in France. My guess is they drew them in winter when the 55* of the cave was more comfortable than being out side in the ice age. So we learn that man wants to be comfortable. The question becomes how to be comfortable at the lowest cost.

    What is cost? That is a paid course at Lake erie Indoor air Services.

    How much wood? How much oil? How much gas? HOW MUCH TRANSPORTATION? I am sad to add how much speculation. ( I can not spell check this on steph's phone, so when I get to my T-1 line at home I will clear up my spelling). The oil speculation guys are fooling around with us. The USA is now a net exporter of oil.

    I need to stop doing the heavy physical work, (geo, green, HVAC) because I am slowing down, and it hurts the next day. I can not stop my brain from thinking up new ways to make systems work.
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