Filters, UV lights, humidifiers??

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Designer_Mike, Mar 18, 2012.

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    I just went online to order replacement filters for my climatemaster and stumbled onto a washable static electric filter option.
    I had one on our air source unit at a previous house and actually liked it so I am gonna give it a try.
    Clean, the air restriction on static filter is about 50% that of a MERV 11 so good for efficiency.
    At $30 a piece, the filters can add up if you have a lot of dust.
    Anyone have any experience?
    28x30x2 Dust Fighter 95 Permanent Electrostatic Filter

    Has anyone installed a manometer to monitor filter condition??

    Next question, I had also installed a UV light at the previous house. I turned it on and off depending on the humidity and if kids were sick. The excessive ozone was too much if I left it on all the time but it also really freshened the place up when I turned it on for a half a day or so. It's SUPPOSED to be a good way to control mold and bacterial build up on the coils?

    Lastly, what's the best way to handle humdification? I have a whole house unit with drip through pad but the low discharge temps (max about 95 degrees) doesn't evaporate the water like the oil burner used to. I'm temped to preheat the water going in or just use hot water instead of cold but fear that may be bad. I also through about really heating the water going in (like to 200 degrees) but I doubt the plastic pieces would appreciate that temp.
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    RE humidifier wire unit to go on and off with compressor. In that way it will dry out at end of cycle- then if you use hot water (tap downstream of water heater) you should improve out put.We only install steam humidifiers on new geos for this very reason.
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    I owe you an email.

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    I purchased these from Dust Fighter 95 Furnace Filter - 1in. | The Air Filter Store (note the price difference) for our Water Furnace units. Works great. Can be purchased with 1" or 2" frames. It's my understanding that 2" frame doesn't increase the filtering capacity since the filter surface loads first (but some housings may require 2" frames to fit properly.) Our WF unit came with a 1" filter adapter plate.

    I have two filters for each of our units that I swap out to buy me cleaning time during the winter (done outside with a garden hose, or at a DIY car wash.) I suggest measuring your filter housing dimensions, subtract a little room for installation (subtracting 1/8" in one dimension worked for our unit), and ordering an exact size by calling in the order. I think the guy's name was Mark (he always called me back.) You can ask him if there are any current deals such as 10% off or free shipping.

    I believe I read here that UV is bad for the coating that WF uses on their coils. Not sure about ClimateMaster.

    While some people have had good luck with Honeywell TrueSteam Humidifiers, our installer stopped using them due to problems. Possibly due to hard water in this area.

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