Extremely high electric bills

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by ambergold4, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Bill Denham

    Bill Denham New Member

    yes in the 25 to 30 degree range from in to out

    that is why set backs create so many problems

    Don't just get one page check to make sure wall structures are right and ceilings are right too
  2. Replacement

    Replacement New Member

    OK - Thanks a lot! I'll be in touch...:)
  3. ambergold4

    ambergold4 New Member

    Extremely high electric bills (offered solution)

    Have had the owner of the company here twice running all kinds of tests on the unit. Everything checks out fine but an extra read from the electric company shows no decrease in electric usage. They have also done a blower door test with nothing substantial to warrant the high bills. the owner keeps saying it it because I have 2 zones and my 94 year old mother keeps her side of the house at 75 degrees and that is the cause of the high electric bills. My friend who works at central hudson says I am using as much electricity as a small business (YIKES). Not sure who made the joke about what I had growing in my basement but it might come to that as a way of paying the electric company. Anyway the owner of the company has offered this:
    Change the versatec VO58 to the envision 064 with me paying the difference in the price of the units with the install free. What do you think?:confused:
  4. AndyF

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    WaterFurnace is offering a rebate for changing out old WaterFurnace units. 0-10 years $2,000, 11-15 $1,000, and 16 + $500 and there is a 30% federal tax credit that could help you reduce your costs.

    Check out www.waterfurnace.com.
  5. hardchines

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    Three weeks ago you posted your issue, many people took the time to respond with questions and suggestions, you never responded to anyone. So I recommend you buy the new unit, good luck!
  6. jongig

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    Since I've been through this and I'm local to you I thought we might get in touch with each other and certainly if you'd rather not that's fine. As I mentioned I've been through this and am still going through this and in what I know about GT you need to know for certain what your heat load is. I could not find anyone in Scranton who had the equipment to do this but I did find someone in Wayne county. You need someone with a IR imager that can use that and the blower test and they can be very accurate.

  7. All Energy Systems

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    does he have a.... Manual j ? We all knew I was going to say that.

    Don't just throw another unit at it what that isn't big enoigh is he going to put in another? Then after that what why not just know from the start

    Basics first nothing can be done before manual J nothing
  8. billym

    billym New Member

    Adequate loop length and spacing?

    Are your vertical bores well spaced apart laterally, (>15' between each)? And for five tons you have 1500' of pipe? Therefore, isn't that just 300' of pipe per ton?

    And if you're pumping 4-6gpm/ton for 1"pipe or 5-8gpm/ton for 3/4" pipe, isn't the velocity of your fluid loops too high to stay and catch any bore heat?
  9. ericaintoronto

    ericaintoronto New Member

    Am I ever glad to have found this! Our bills are insane as well and I was positive there is something wrong with the system but our installer keeps saying it's fine.
  10. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    There is

    a reason for every thing.

    It helps the folks here if you type back every so often.

    Good help is hard to find.
  11. hardchines

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    True Mark!
  12. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    TY Hard

    Life is short.

    How are you?

    This is getting to be like home to me. So many systems so little time.

    Amber has just freaked every time she gets a bill from the power provider and not changed anything.

    I noted a drop in electrical usage when all of our CRTs got booted for flat screens.

    I am a Robert Bean, fan and am sure the time has come to invest 20 to 30% of our housing costs into the HVAC system, rather than the 7-10% we now spend.

    I am in that business, but I see a need in me at 60 to be warmer and cooler than I was at 25.
  13. hardchines

    hardchines Member Forum Leader

    Maybe its time to leave Ohio in the rear view mirror and move south! And I am well thanks hope you are also, I keep an eye on the forum but am lying low.
  14. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Ah, Ohio

    There is something about Ohio that holds my being.

    I am glad to hear your are well. Your thinking has been missed by me.

    I do long for heat more than I used to.
  15. hardchines

    hardchines Member Forum Leader

    Mark thx, and more heat for me too, I love to sit in front of a fire at night during the winter, the geo. takes care of the rest of the house. Talk to you soon

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