Pennsylvania extracting working parameters for waterfurnace 500r11

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    Dear all, I have a 3 ton unit installed 2 weeks ago with vertical 450 feet and split unit waterfurnace 500r11. That one is really a pain since it has no information displayed anywhere (and is controlled by the Honeywell Pro T7 thermostat). While I do not understand exactly how it works, I would like at least to be able to monitor how it behaves, e.g. refrig temps in out, pressures, volumes, when which stage kicks in etc. I would like to do that since I have air ducts from the attic so upstairs is much hotter than downstairs. I feel that continuous low circulation would help with this problem. But that is the next step.

    For now, how do I monitor the system work? There is a port in the unit, contractor said it is for contractor and I need to buy something special to connect. So my question is: how do I conveniently have parameters displayed? I know Waterfurnace has software but from their website I did not understand how to get it and how to run it. It should not be that complex but it is

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    The Water Furnace monitoring is called Symphony and should be bought through your dealer/contractor. is one example of a DIY monitoring possibility.
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    Thank you. I must say I am puzzled about Symphony and all the dealer/contractor thing. My contractor showed me the port to connect to diagnose the system and said it's for contractors and best not touched. My Honeywell Pro T7 does not provide much info or records what happens. I would be interested to install Symphony but even their website directs me to some mysterious dealers. Is there a way to call them, get the software and install it myself? Anybody done it?
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    Try to reach Docjenser here. He should be able to guide you.
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    Post #2 tells you what you need - either Symphony through Waterfurnace or the DIY route via the welserver. Symphony has to be installed by a WF dealer because they register it with WF to transmit data back and forth. Confirm the split units are able to use Symphony. I have 7 series packaged units that have Symphony in each. I have never heard a bad thing about welserver but I don't own that monitoring kit myself so can't comment.

    Edit: look at WF's specification catalog for the split unit to see what control board you have. The symphony with aurora web link needs the AXB board and depending on what you want monitored, some or all of the monitoring packages installed. The units come pre-configured from the factory for this but I imagine can be added post install. But that would definitely be a contractor only installation option.
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