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    I have my main 1-1/4" supply and return lines coming through my foundation wall and into my pumps. I ran brazed copper for my manes. A friend of mine is having a ground source installed and the installer is running the 1-1/4" in the PE pipe. Does this have to be fusion welded as the underground portion was or can barb and clamps be used for the exposed piping in the basement? I see that the pump has hose running to the unit with hose clamps. Any thoughts?
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    The inside piping which we consider"serviceable without excavation" is usually done to the level where cost, function, and ease of install all go accross the chart. So in short, there are a bunch of different ways to climb that mountain, but because you can service it, it does not really matter.
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    Pipe Fittings

    There is an equipment manufacture that makes barb fittings for this connection and it is just as good as a fused joint. It is more expensive but ease of installation is sometimes worth the extra cost
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    Can you recommend an equipment manufacturer? Are these hose clamp style or the crimp for which you utilize special pliers. Thanks.
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    The big two manufactures are :

    Flowcenter Products, and Geo Flow.

    They both have a complete line of flowcenters and accessories, the fittings you are looking for. They are mpt X barb insert with a 1/4 inch thread machined into them for the petes port.
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    Ed: "Geo Flo"
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    I see everybody carries brass barb fittings. For a reason no doubt. I am assuming the the plastic poly pipe barb fittings that are used for irrigation and well work are out of the question...Would this be due to the temperature extremes the loop experiences throughout the year?

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