Existing GeoComfort geothermal heat pump system

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    My situation is about the same,we live in a 2600 sq ft home,with a GEOCOMFORT PO28,PSC FAN,the Reynolds # is 1203 in 3/4 inch pipe 1704 feet,6 circuits,trench race track,150'x8'x15-16',PD 10psi(0 psi out 10psi in),GPM unknown,fan 697 CFM.Geocomfort says system is OK.methonol anti freeze,note renolds number in 1.25 pipe is 4638.Should we get a manual J,S calculation,it appears none were done.We live in WIS.around green bay.system installed aug 2007,geocomfort
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    Why don't you start a new thread and tell us more about the situation, including the specifics of your system. What is your incoming and outgoing temperature to the loopfield? What are your symptoms why you post here?
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    Start your own thread rather than dredging up a long dead one.

    Use for guidance the sticky titled "problems...start here"
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    ScottO, if you are trying to heat a uninsulated slab as Engineer suggest, you may want to take the silent advise the original owner gave you after his death. He said, "this damn room is cold", lets order one of those fine Amish fake fireplaces with the genuine Chinese 1500 watt heaters built in, I heard him say it, did int you? So here is a question for you, does the upstairs stay toasty warm with the basement shut off, do the EWT/LWT look good when just using just the upstairs? If your system is working just OK it should hold 72 F on a -20 degree night and only run about 60% of the time. Other options for basement would be run the hot water to a radiator mounted on a small air handler installed in that storage room down stairs, put down a carpet with good backing under it in the whole basement, all problems fixed! If basement is a big room / den you could provide a single return and supply in the storage room wall, very cheap to do the whole job, or get the heater and use it, 2600 bucks worth of Amish heat should go a long way! I am told we should give a little back in life, I do not think this applies to GEO heat, we take the energy from the earth to heat our homes, why are you trying to put the heat back in the earth through your cement floor! Good luck
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