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    I just got the keys to my new house that has a Water Furnace with a desuperheater attached to an 80 gallon tank. There is so much hot water, that the cold feed of the tank is hot and forcing hot water out the cold faucets. The hot water tank is an "energy smart" system from whirlpool.

    is there a simple adjustment that needs to happen or do i need to make a call to have my system serviced.
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    To help diagnose the problem, turn the desuperheater switch off at the left corner post of your unit. This will help determine if the desuperheater system is the culprit.

    There are many things that can contribute to the migration of hot water to the cold water piping.
    -improper piping or pumping the wrong way.
    -down stream mixing valve or hot water recirc without operating check valve
    -presence of a "heat trap nipple" on the cold water inlet of water heater.

    Keep in mind the desuperheater on your Waterfurnace has a 130F hi limit cutoff. Temperatures should not rise above that. In an unoccupied house with little or no hot water usage water temperatures can easily approach hi limit over time. More typically with consistent usage and lower run times of the unit desuperheater tempertures will rarely get there.

    A two tank system is highly recommended for most efficient operation.
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    Thank you very much for your time withe the response. I discovered late last night that the desuperheater was not plumbed in the correct place and was feeding the cold lines to the house. That part of the system has been turned off until I get it replumbed. Ever since turning it off, we have had no issues.
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    This is a diagram for plumbing a two tank set up.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    thank you. do you have any recommendations for tank types/brands?
  6. Bryan

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    thoughts on expansion tank?

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