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  1. ClarkT

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    In my part of Utah, we pay:

    first 700 kWh, $.0615 per kWh
    next 800 kWh, $.056 per kWh
    anything above 1500 kWh, $.037 per kWh.

    Seeing what most of you pay makes me :eek:! Holy cow batman!
  2. moondawg

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    If my electric rates were that low, I can guarantee you that I'd have a 45 foot Jacob's Ladder in the front yard just for giggles.
  3. geome

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    ClarkT, are you including taxes, supply, distribution, etc?
  4. engineer

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    I share Tex's concern about adding electric car charging stations to the grid. The impact of migration to electric cars needs to be carefully considered.
  5. waterpirate

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    The car angle in relation to the grids current condition is something I never thought of:eek:!!! I am sure our leaders have not thought that topic out either.
    If I had rates that low I would buy a huge tesela coil and turn it on out side at nite for my amusement.
  6. sunnyflies

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    From Long Island, NY:

    01/24/2011 ACTUAL reading 08685
    12/17/2010 ACTUAL reading -04978
    KWH Used in 38 day(s) 3707
    Basic Service : 38 day(s) @ $ .1790 $ 6.80
    317 KWH @ $ .0857 27.17
    190 KWH @ $ .0787 14.95
    3200 KWH @ $ .0515 164.80
    Subtotal 213.72

    3707 KWH @ $ .087247 323.42

    Efficiency & Renewables Charge
    3707 KWH @ $ .005423 20.11

    NY State Assessment 6.79
    Revenue-Based PILOTS 10.62
    Suffolk Property Tax Adjustment 11.69
    Sales Tax @ 2.5 % 14.66
    Subtotal 43.76

    Total Charges $ 601.01

    Mine is a very leaky, antique house and the weather has been very cold with lots of heavy snow and high winds pounding the house. We keep the thermostat at 72º and the house stays cosy and warm, thanks to our Waterfurnace. Our solar voltaic system had been thickly covered with frozen snow and ice and was not producing for a long time. It's finally clear, so should be making power again.

    Our historic use of power averaged $136 a month including taxes, etc. without geothermal. So that would make the current heating bill $465.01, even with our outrageously high electric rates. I'm paying about $1100 a month for oil for my Mom's house which is about the same size, but at 62º because it's empty and for sale.
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  7. NHGeofan

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    Electric rate is .07899, but it works out to about 13 cents per kwH with all the taxes and other charges they add in Central New Hampshire

    JRBGEO Member Forum Leader

    Connecticut tops it all......

    In addition to the GSC rate I pay of .0849 per kw....these are the additional per kw line items on my bill from CLP (Connecticut Light and power)....

    Delivery Services Detail DISTRIBUTION RATE: 001

    Transmission Chrg per KWH - $0.016950
    Distr Cust Srvc Chrg $16.00 (flat amount)
    Distr Chrg per KWH $0.027570
    CTA Chrg per KWH $0.003320
    FMCC Delivery Chrg per KWH $0.003030
    Comb Public Benefit Chrg per KWH $0.004440
    Economic Transition Charge per KWH $0.003790

    My January bill was $363.52 with our thermostats set at 67F-68F....out of this total $158.23 were related to the fees / charges detailed above.....

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