econar geosource Invision - any info?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by sunnyflies, Sep 10, 2009.

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    I tried searching this forum for threads that mentioned econar heat pumps, but only found one which didn't tell me much. Is anyone familiar with these? I heard a lot about them today when I called someone for a price on a Marathon water heater. ( I never did get the cost of the heater.) The guy immediately asked why I wanted one as he thought I might have a solar water system, then when he found I was putting in a geo system, he asked if I'd be interested in a geo/solar Voltaic package. He claims he's been doing solar and wind for twenty five years and geo for about ten. He used to use Trane units but switched to econar as he felt they were better designed for our climate, versus geo heat pumps designed primarily for air conditioning.

    I just haven't heard about Econar. Is there a reason for that? At this moment, I am trying to decide between A WF and a Hydron unit. I like both installers, both are experienced, it may boil down to price which I will know soon. However, this guy was so earnest and believes in his product so much, I thought I would try to learn more about it. I've read what I could on the econar website, but I have no frame of reference.

    Anyone know anything about econar geosource Invision heat pumps? Thanks.
  2. All I can say apples to apples. Econar makes geothermal units, but what are they compared to the WaterFurnace you're considering. I checked their website and it gives little technical data about the units. That is so say at least... the EER cooling ratings and COP heat ratings for efficiency, as well as the warranty. WaterFurnace gives you 10 years parts and labor (from the factory), which is hard to beat, besides theri decades of experience. Don't get me wrong, I'm not cutting down the Econar, because I've never dealt with them (they're from Minnesota, I'm in South Texas) but check the efficiencies first. Thats what geothermal is all about!
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    You have a good point. Both COP and EER's are lower that other brands. Their warranty is 10 years though, like WF and Hydron.

    They also claim to run radiant heat at 5º to 10º warmer than other brands in a dual system. But, again I don't know if any of that is true. I'm hoping to hear from someone who either installs them or has one.
  4. Howard Ek

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    I have installed two Invision heat pumps. They weren't bad. The compressor went out on one of the units. They shipped the compressor free, but the freight - we had to pick it up! You check with them - they don't ship UPS or FedEx because there are "too many problems" - common carrier is they way they came.
  5. sunnyflies

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    That's not encouraging. Were they water to air or water to water units?
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    We have 2 Envision units that were installed in April and we are extremely happy with our decision to buy them. Fortunately, we haven't had any problems whatsoever. I'm not positive, but I believe it says in the WF literature that freight is not included for warranty replacement parts. I'm sure problems do happen with every brand of geothermal equipment (and all equipment in general). The installers here can give you more insight into that. In general, I understand that geothermal systems are extremely reliable, and others have commented that many internal components are the same from brand to brand.

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